Thursday, December 07, 2006

From The Mixed Up Files...

One of the benefits of never deleting email is you end up with a crap-ton of history sitting on the server.

I was gonna do a big post tonite but ended up spending most of the nite doing an interview with the great website Not sure when that interview will hit but keep an eye (ear?) out for it... I was going thru my old emails (dating back to 1999!) and was looking to see if I had anything cool in there I could post. And man, I got LOTS of stuff from way back when.

Here's some of it...I hope you find this half as neat as I do. These are old Twisted Metal:Black character designs. Cecil Kim did these; Cecil is still with Sony and was/is a key contributor to the concept art and look of the whole God of War series. Thanks for all the great work over the years Cecil and thanks for these! I had forgotten all about them! Check them out ya'll:

I dig these; they have a creepy sadness to them. Ahh, I miss the world of Twisted Metal! No plans to go back right now, just thinking how much I dig that world.

Ok, gonna try to do some XMAS shopping online till I fall asleep at my keyboard. We'll see how far I get. And is it odd it's December and I'm already starting to get excited for Comic-Con in July?!?! I'm a freak, I know.

Ok, good night ya'll!