Friday, April 23, 2010


Hey ya'll- sorry so few posts this week. Hate that. But I tried to do a video post 3 times (which means I spent about 30 minutes total recording). Each and every time, when I hit STOP RECORDING, my browser would crash (using Youtube). So I gotta figure that shit out.

Anyway,I really want to chat with ya'll about my issues with GAME SHARING and DLC DAY ONE/ON DISC stuff. But fuck video for now, I'll just use text. Also wanna show some of the amazingly cool DARKSIDERS toys/schwag that the game's lead designer Haydn Dalton sent me. He also had Joe Mad sign the stuff! Holy cow! Will post pics and do my write up this weekend.

For now, just saying hey and letting ya know why the posts have been so spotty this week. Will look into the YOUTUBE issues as well when I get a sec.

Ok great weekend! Talk tomorrow or Sunday!


ps. VIDDLER crashed on me too when I went to process the video so it's gotta be on my end. An update to my software maybe?