Thursday, February 25, 2010



Oh, I forgot, for those who are interested in such things, a few recent interviews:

- HERE is the Kotaku live radio show we did yesterday. Sadly Scott Campbell, EAT SLEEP PLAY co-founder/co-pres,was not able to join us cause of crunch mode. But hopefully I repped the team well.

-And here is a GAMEPRO.COM interview I did at DICE last week. It's really choppy but that may just be my browser (Safari). And dunno what is up with the Hawaiian vibe but it does make me want to go on vacation. Anyway, so here ya go:

A few others DICE interviews are about to go live and I will link to when they hit...


Picked this up last nite and really liking it.

 Just woke up early to start work and the thing is drawing me back; calling out to me; wanting me to play it again. Love when that happens! Hope to squeeze in a few races during lunch...if not, I'll be online tonite with it.

To the EXP/RANK UP/META GAME discussion we were having a few weeks back, I do wish I earned something more than cash for winning races. Seems a game like this needs leader boards and a way to compare yourself with friends. I guess you could use total cash earned but:

a- still doesn't give you something to shoot for really...I mean I guess you could earn enough cash to unlock everything but feels a bit shallow.
b- ARE there leaderboards to compare total cash earned over time?

Anyway, that aside, this is a really fun game and I can see the split screen mode being great too.

Hope this is a nice sized hit for SEGA. Hard to say as these sorts of games (kart racers unless it is Mario, cartoony games on HD consoles, whimsical vs. gritty) don't tend to sell in bulk these days but hopefully people will come out for this one.

Oh, and I just woke up from a dream where I was a war photographer with a REALLY NICE modern camera shooting pics in WWII of the Holocaust. Got a flesh wound from a sniper's bullet but I was fine. Saw lots of crying kids without their parents (who had died in the camps) and it broke my heart.

Glad I woke up but now I have this sort of sad, melancholy vibe hanging around. Which- given the horrific subject matter- is a gift. I SHOULD be feeling worse. Maybe I'll let myself stew in the sadness out of respect for the subject matter and then put on some Ke$ha or other top 40 bubble gum pop and totally shift my thinking. Or maybe I'l watch this again: