Monday, June 16, 2008


...ahh, better! I said what Keith O could not (if you don't know what I'm talking about, watch some of Olberman's stuff on msnbc)...

Hey ya'll...this is political but it reflects my views. If you don't like political stuff, don't click play.

You've been warned so please, no need to post to tell me you come here just for gaming information and don't want to hear my political views. The moment I start charging admission to read my ramblings, then you get the right to complain about the content.

Plus:if you've ever been to this blog, you know I post about ALL the stuff I am passionate about: games, movies, family, politics, religion,comic books, etc. If all you want is gaming info, then this ain't the place for you :)

But if you wanna debate politics and this particular ultra-liberal piece of one sided (albeit mostly true) propaganda ...well then, grab some coffee and pull up a chair! You;'ve come to the right place! I love me some political discourse!

But keep in mind: I am not of the mind that Republicans are evil. My views are not that black and white.

I am however of the mind that if you HAD to label a party at this PARTICULAR TIME that reflects the largest number of views that I would lump into the category of evil, well then, the Republicans would be the party I would pick for that honor :)

Can this change? Yep. Has it flip flopped over the years? At times but- to be honest- not all that much. But I'm not saying the Democrats have clean hands either.

But either way, RIGHT NOW, it's time for the Republicans to have the worst batch of ideas out there. You don't get to have a president/piece of shit like Bush in office for two terms and have a party that- for the most part- seems/seemed unwilling to challenge the douche bag, and then get away without the stink of -at least- a small globule of fecal paste. And in this case, it's a hell of a lot more shit paste than globular. It's more like the end of the skate board scene in Back to the Future. You remember...when Biff and the boyz got covered in horse shit? It's more like that. :)