Thursday, July 14, 2011



Oooh, one more! This one from OLDMARIO on my Twitter, this one is dang cool!!! Thanks Sir OldMario :)!

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So TWISTED METAL BOX ART!!!!...well, not really :) ...not yet :)...

However, I saw these over on Twisted Metal Alliance and wanted to share.

First up is a fan created box art from Minion89:

Wanna know how I know it's fake? Well, other than for the simple fact that it's...fake? That big, shiny EAT SLEEP PLAY logo on the FRONT COVER. We gotta earn our stripes as a unique company before we are able to negotiate studio logo on the front of the box! 

But anyway, I thought this was kinda cool. However, I would never get behind this as the actual cover and I'll tell you why: no cars! As I've said before, one of our mistakes with Twisted Black's box was picking a great image (I felt) that didn't communicate what was inside the box. This image- cool as it is- has the similar issue which is it sells the insane world of Twisted Metal great but it doesn't sell the core fantasy of the play mechanics: CARS WITH GUNS! 

Still, pretty neat to see them all in one place. And cool to see Calypso in there as well although I don't think he'll ever make the box just because- from a sales standpoint- his story is nowhere near as important as the core fantasy the game is selling.

Then there's this from SeventyXSeven. Guess he got this at E3 this year?!? I had no clue they were handing these out but now that I know, I need to get me one of those!

This image- as I recall- was one of the MANY images we were looking at for the final box art. Final box is not locked yet tho and I don't think this one is going to be the actual box image. You never know, but I don't think it is. Still, I like it! But again...all the wacky vehicles...but no straight up CAR COMBAT! Gotta make sure that makes it onto the core box!

Ok- slammed as always- talk soon-

For those who have not met our first boss...this is IRON MAIDEN!

And for those folks out there who wonder why we hire amazingly talented artists and animators: these are my sketches of what would become IRON MAIDEN for a pitch document I wrote for the team:

Core concept? CHECK! Some of her rough gameplay represented (that Scott, Kellan, and I fleshed out LOTS more at LAST year's Comic Con)? CHECK! Visual excution above a 5 year old 's art talent level? OH HELLS NO! Thank God I work with a super talented team! :)

Ok, later ya'll!