Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hey Kotaku? Yeah, you!


Hey Kotaku- I know you read this. So you gotta give me an answer.

What is with the whole, "Here is your..." sentence structure that you guys seem obsessed with these days.

Here is your New Final Fantasy Playstation Console
Here are your XBLA top ten retro games
Here is your super dooper next-gen graphics PC car
Here is your daily dose of publisher hyperbole
Here are your monthly NPD numbers

Oooh, I know:

Here is your chance to knock it the FUCK off cause it drives me up the fucking wall!

Ahem... :)

So, are you guys riffing on some net meme that I am not aware of? Is it indeed a joke that I simply don't get cause I musta missed the kick off meeting (ala the whole DUDE HUGE thing, which in the end, had to be explained to me by a kind poster on this blog)?

The only thing I can think of is when that Playstation spokeswoman ages ago was showing the XMB and she's all like- after showing it, "And there's your new interface"....

...that stuck with me cause I just found her wording a touch on the odd side...

...but that probably has nothing to do with what you guys are doing/referencing/talking about, but it's the only thing in my memory bank that even comes close to feeling like a cross reference.

So I ask: What is up with this, Kotaku?!?'s my problem, not yours. I still loves ya, Kotaku. But for the love of God, explain the joke or tell me it's NOT supposed to be a joke and it's just the way you guys talk/write so I can stop getting annoyed by it.

High maintenance? ME?!?! Nah... :)