Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I will be in the UK at Gamecity over in Nottingham end of this month...well, sort of!

Check it out!

It's the inaugural 'episode' of FROM THE DESK, a new feature of the show where they have guests video conference into the show from all over the world. My understanding is they are going to project my ichat signal up onto a giant screen and I'll get to interface with the audience, take questions, talk games,etc.

Should be fun and it's just the way I like to travel! I always wish I could BE in cool places but the trouble of prepping for a flight, the flight itself, customs, jetlag, then doing it all over to get back home....yuch man. Can't stand it. And with small kids, I also hate being away from home any more than I absolutely have to as I don't want to miss a day of them growing up.

Perhaps someone in Nottingham will grab the computer and take me for a laptop stroll around town so I can see the sites...hell, this is where Robin Hood is supposedly from, yes? That would be great!

Ok, chat with you guys in a bit.


ps. back to playing Metal Gear! Oh MAN this game is good!!!! Kinda bummed I'm playing now cause it seems like the PERFECT holiday game to get lost in, staying up till 3am battling bosses, playing on New Year's Eve day,etc...every year there is a game like that that becomes my holiday game...wonder what it will be this year. Prince of Persia? Dead Space? Resistance 2, perhaps? Shit, now I'm all excited for Uncharted 2!!! Oh, ya know I never played Mass Effect...maybe I'll get that for the holidays...anyway, gotta run...stop by and see me in Nottingham if you guys hit Gamecity this year!

pps. I am also doing a similar video conference convention appearance in Philly in November. Check it out. ...so if you are going, come in and see me! I wonder how these virtual 'tours' are gonna work out...cause people who wanna see me virtually can always just come here! :) But hell, I'm up for giving it a try!