Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sweet Tooth Returns!

Get all the latest info on our new game in the latest issue of Playstation: The Official Magazine! 

I have not seen the piece yet so no idea if they dug the preview we gave them or they hated us or what. Gulp! Hope they dug what they saw last month! 

Either way- check it out- should be on new stands any day! Lemme know what you think!


ps. A character/vehicle many folks have been asking about is revealed in this issue.

pps. Not only is this issue of P:TOM sweet cause it has OUR game in it :) BUT this is also the kick off issue of their brand new redesign! Eager to see what the new look/take has in store! 

Up With The Sun...

It's 5:30am, up since 5 to work. So much left to do on the game and most work days after around 5pm, I'm done, fried, kaput. I can do bizzy work after 5pm, but creative, analytical work is pretty much shot for me once the sun goes down. As I get older, I DO tend to be able to do creative work late at night but I can't always count on that (I never know when that energy surge is gonna hit). So I get up early to try and get as much work in before late afternoon as I can. Hard to tell if it's better to be more clear (i.e. less tired) for less hours (i.e. sleep till 7-7:30 instead of up at 5) OR if it's more productive to get up at 5 and have more hours to work but have less focus. We'll see! :)

Meanwhile...is it odd I'm really excited to see this?!?

I know it's a kids movie...or maybe FAMILY movie is more correct? Either way, I'm taking my kids this weekend. Has sort of a Dark Crystally feel, yes? PLUS it's from Snyder...how can you go wrong with a PG kids movie made by the 300 and Watchmen guy?!?! Anyway, let ya know how it is! 

Ok- gotta get cranking- later!