Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Man! How frustrating! Someone beat us to the back in 19-fucking-60! I shoulda just ebayed this thing and ripped off the design....ah well! :)

Also, I can always count on the gang at to keep me laughin! Check it out:

Dying to see CHILDREN OF MAN as well as PAN'S LABRYNTH...hear they are both amazing. Maybe this week? Hope so!

So hey, we did press for CALLING ALL CARS yesterday with (for the show)...from what I gather, that airs this Friday on It was lots of fun watching them play the game (they SEEMED to like it and they gave me some great feedback, but you can never tell if a journo really digs what they are playing ((when they play it in front of you)) till they write about, fingers crossed!)...Luke and Kathleen also asked some refreshing hardball questions. I was stunned by them; not bothered, I liked them. I appreciated them. But it was so surprising that I kind of had to switch gears and I think you can see me doing it ON CAMERA...looking foward to how it all plays out.

Also, just got done with a video chat interview with my buddy Brady from PLAY magazine. Loves me the PLAY magazine...feels like old DIEHARD GAMEFAN! (and it should, since it's published by the same guy)'s like a very, very glossy love letter to video games...I love how they champion games that may not be the world's most polished but still get behind the unique ideas within those games (i.e. ADVENT RISING).

So Brady played it, seemed to dig the game as well and they- from what I gather- may be doing a feature on the game for the next issue (the one that comes out in February)!

Brady asked how I felt about working on a game that may not appeal to current gamers who are not in to straight up fun, arcade style games...we talked about how this game appeals to those gamers- like me- who are older and still love games but do not have the time to devote hours upon hours to play...never REALLY thought about it as I always work on stuff that I would want to play...but now he's got me wondering: will today's gamers show up for these kinds of games? And are there adults who still love games who still want to game but are LOOKING for smaller action games?!?! We will see! I hope so!

But both interviews were a blast to sweet...getting the word out there!

Ok, gotta get back to work! Talk to ya'll later!