Wednesday, July 25, 2007


...well big announcement for ME. It's not like I'll be revealing what game we've been working on, stuff like that. Well actually, I will be able to talk a little bit about ONE of the games for the first time...

...anyway, the points are these:

a- sorry I've been out of touch this last week; was in Bama for a great wedding and great visit with the family. I actually took some cool pics from Cracker Barrel (love the biscuits!) that I may post...not sure why....I just love eating at that place. And they don't have them out here in So Cal.

EDIT#1: Here's the pic....I ordered a side biscuit and assumed it would be a single biscuit. But damn if it wasn't a PLATE of biscuits and cornbread...mmmm....good!

b- Thursday is comiccon day 1! I will only get to go for a day this year as I am swamped but I will prob post something from there if I see cool stuff...always do. I really wanna try to make it to the Kevin Smith panel.

c- Friday-at 9am (PR wants to send the press release out before I no 12:01 update)...but at 9am, I will post news of my future. Again, it's a big deal for me personally and it does deal with my work. So this week I'll be able to spill SOME of the beans...and I'll prob. spew about how I'm dealing with this very, very big change in my work life.

Hope to see ya'll soon!


ps. Just FYI, the game alot of you guys seems to think we are working on, we are not. Sorry to dissapoint :(