Saturday, June 07, 2008

One more thing...

..hey, Monday will resume more gamey posts, I promise :)

BUT I did want to clear something up real fast as I was concerned- for a number of reasons- about how my video post came across to some people.

And while I am SOOOOO grateful and honored that so many of you all were both supportive and willing to share your own stories of love, divorce, marriage, and all that other touchy-feely stuff (and I learned a lot from a handful of them), this will be the last word from me on it. Again, the details are personal and for my family alone. The video post was just to give everyone an update on my life (a key point- for me- of this blog). I will continue to share aspects of my life, the good and the bad and always the honest, with the reader's of this blog. But I've said as much as I feel I want to on the current subject.

And as to the video:

1- For those who thought I was being nonchalant about the break up, or being kind of like, "Meh, whatever" about it, please understand: this is semi-old news for me. I've had about 2 months to deal with the reality of it and much longer before that to work on the situation with my wife. I have been sad, I've talked to therapists to work thru issues of the break-up and- most importantly- to try and find a solution that will be the best for my children (who-if you don't get from reading the blog over the years- are everything to me). So I am 100% not flip about this situation. It's just that I posted the video months after alot of the shit went down. Trust me, if I had posted the video on the DAY me and the wife decided to separate, I would have seemed less pulled together, less 'it is what it is'....

2- The other thing is, I'm not trying to be a maverick or anything when I say I pretty much 'fart in the general direction' of quite a bit of the rules of society. I respect pretty much all the laws of society (even tho I may not agree with some of them) but the stuff about, "this is what society says you must do to be happy and good' I think- in many ways- is horse shit. And I don't reject these societal laws/rules because I think I'm cool or want to be different or anything like that. I spend a decent amount of time trying to live a soulful, spiritual, good life and I find more often than not that when I really tune into what makes my soul happy, the rules that society lays down for how we are supposed to live seem- to me- silly and not workable. I respect we all have our own internal barometers. And I respect that for many/most people the rules of society are gold and work great. I respect that. But my internal compass points me in different directions than a lot of people when it comes to things like marriage and politics and art. I am fine with that. And I am fine with the fact that- because of this- a handful of you may very well think I am the devil.

3- I don't hate marriage and I don't think it's wrong for people and families. I think it's wrong for me RIGHT NOW. I may remarry one day. I may not. My gut right now says I think it's kind of a- for me- silly institution... but I've been known to change my mind (just ask the teams I work with who want to kill me each time I do :) ). I also think there are many great kinds of families and the idea of a nuclear family being the only kind that works is a silly, naive idea that disrespects and hurts those families who have chosen- or who have been forced to choose- to do things differently.

Ok, not gonna respond to any posts. Lotta work to do this weekend plus, I've said all I need to say on the subject.

Thanks for all the support- see ya'll Monday with something less heavy...I promise!