Thursday, December 04, 2008

Good Old Days...

My brother- who is celebrating his bday today- went to Davenport's Pizza in Mountain Brook Village tonite with much of the family. Wish we coulda been there...ah well, next time!

BUT check it- he just sent me these; pics from the pizza place:

They STILL got arcade games in there! And look! Thems are some OLD SCHOOL arcade games too! Donkey Kong!??! And what's this I see?!?! Is it?!?! IT IS!!! It's Phoenix! Man I loved that game- used to play it all the time at the bowling alley at Eastwdood mall...ah memories!

To younger readers you prob. don't get the big deal, do you? Ah well, was from another time...the arcades of the old days are dead and gone, have been for well over a decade...but GOD they used to be magical places. And this just brings it all glad I got to grow up during that time...

So damn cool!



...well it ain't me...not yet...but I saw that on a sign ages ago in Cahaba Heights (near where I grew up) and I always liked it :)

Ok so hey- here's a l'll video post ah dun made :)

Later ya'll :)