Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I know you're angry...I'M angry!!!


Oh fucking lord. Will it ever stop? To those sites out there who are thinking I was being arrogant by saying the issue is none of the consumer's business....ya know, fuck you. I'm not even going to try to explain my point to you. Watch the video and then ask yourself if you ACTUALLY think I am saying customers should pretty much go fuck off and mind their own business and stay out of this argument and just bend over and take whatever price the publisher and retailer hands down....do you REALLY think that is what I said and the spirit in which I said it on the video? Well if so, you are an idiotic moron who has the listening comprehension skills of Helen Fucking Keller.

Oh and to the site that ACTUALLY INCLUDED IN THEIR HEADLINE THE FUCKING WRITER'S OPINION ON MY CHICKEN/EGG ANALOGY?!?! I mean....fucking really? You and your anal obsession with a fucking CHICKEN/EGG thing is the headline?!?! Not buried somewhere in the story, or put on a footnote to be read after the story....but IN THE GOD DAMNED HEADLINE OF THE PIECE?!? Fuck, glad to know that video game journalists are now fucking covering THEMSELVES and THIER FUCKING OPINIONS on analogies. What the hell man?!?

Amazing...simply amazing.


Ok...not angry really. Just thinking a lot about this whole used sales/rental market/game price thing... :)