Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Making Room For The New...

Cleaning up my office in preparation for the game's script/story work. I need to get started and finished this week and a clean office tends to help me focus. Also, given that my brother and parents were in town this last week and we were short on bedrooms, I pulled out my couch/fouton and slept in here. So it's just a total mess. Plus, prepping for a very focused, very busy 2010 and the best way to start is with a clean slate.

Usually when I clean I just tidy up, but there's a sense I have of needing to make some significant alterations; to toss and/or file stuff I have not used in years in order to make room (both literally and energy wise) for new things to come into my life. So there's LOTS of old design notebooks and research books heading into the garage.

Thought I'd share some of the chaos!


ps. oh the graphic novels are a stack I'm gonna take over and donate to the library, get some new geeks into comics :)  Oooh, wait, 2 of those are someone else's that they lent me! Phew! Glad I caught it in this post- had totally forgotten! I guess those are staying put till I see Mr. Foge again! Sorry Richard- close call! 

Is there a proper way to tweet?!?!

Just like I musta missed the 'how to be super cool and get tons of chicks' class in junior high, clearly there was a Twitter class in the last 2 years that I musta been too busy to attend. Cause clearly there are some folks out there NOT having a good experience with my tweets.

Now if they are just elite, snobby pricks (i.e. 'waaah, you typed in CAPS and in my little stupid world where letters can hurt you, that means your are yelling at me! I so sad now!), I really don't care.

But as an all around nice guy AND a game designer, I do like to give folks the best entertainment experiences I can. And it's got me wondering a few things about twitter...well really, it's got me wondering one main thing:

Do you guys like to see people you follow tweet a lot or just 2-5 times/day?

To me, I don't have twitter on my cell and I use tweet deck so I just have a window open and when people tweet during the day, it's just another little piece of info to suck up my attention for 2-5 seconds. So I dig it when I see a block of tweets from Kevin Smith or Brian Michael Bendis (whom I both follow). And I don't mind if they have to use 3-4 tweets to make a point cause I have the overall thread opened on tweet deck for context. And I follow them cause I'm interested in their take on the world so to me, the more the better.

But I've had a few messages since I've been back where peeps are like, "I ain't following Jaffe no more, he spams twitter with blocks of updates"...and it makes me wonder: do most people feel this way?

And if so, why? Is it cause they follow on a cell phone and every time someone they follow updates twitter, they get a little chime and they gotta look down at the phone? I can see how this would get annoying but again, that's not how I follow people...to me, the more tweets from someone the better.

So help me out...what do you guys/gals like to see from people you follow? And yeah, I know it's my account and I can do what I want but again- annoying pricks aside- if I can communicate to folks better, I'm all open to learning the best ways to do that.

Thanks ya'll!