Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Here's a link:

But here's the gist:


Very happy with this first review.

Swamped right now but will wright more about what it's like to get reviews, wait on reviews, get stressed and elated about reviews in a few days, when the other site reviews hit on Friday. But for know, three things:

1- Yah! 8.5 for a game that took 11 months and cost very little AND let us do the work we LOVE but still- for the MOST part- live normal lives (although some members of the team gave up SOOOO much time to get some aspects of the game working, so to them: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!)....and the best part is, 9.99 for what IGN- at least- says is fun. How can you beat that? We're very happy!

2- Game is NOT OUT TOMORROW. It is out May 3rd. I am very sorry about this but we're still in format, chasing a few bugs and we don't want the game out until it's bug free. But it WILL be out 5/3! I will let you guys know when it clears format.

Ok guys, heading out to dinner with the family. Will talk to you guys soon. 8.5! Sweet!


ps. Please don't feed the fucking animals on the comment board. I am 1000% fine with them post the stuff they do (the insults and the bullshit,etc)'s the net, what are you going to do. I sure as hell am not taking the comments off. And I know what it's like to want to get attention and be willing to say ANYTHING to get it (ya think?!?) but please unless you really feel compelled, just let them be. I like that they are here, I'm ok with them being here but I'd rather the comment section not turn into a battle. Let them do what they want and we can get back to just talking about games,the biz,etc. Thanks!