Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This is from Kotaku's just posted, very positive preview of the 14.99 download only TOMB RAIDER hitting this summer:

My only concern is that The Guardian of Light may be over too soon after you start, with just eight or so hours of gameplay. But there are a couple of things that lead me to believe that won't be a big issue.

Wha?!?! 8 hours of fun for 15 bucks. That's a BAD DEAL?!?! 

Kotaku, you know I love you- and MOST of your writers :) - but come the hell on. Really? 8 hours for 15 bucks is not ok in your book? And your preview is so positive as well that I'm now dying for this game! But I think our views on the value of a dollar are way outta whack.


ps. When is Kotaku gonna do their own PAX kind of convention. I bet it would be a big success.