Saturday, March 06, 2010


Playing GOD OF WAR 3 this weekend and really, really loving it.

But it being a great game aside, it is an AMAZING and RARE game design learning opportunity. To play a game based on your initial design formula that you had nothing to do with is eye opening! Because for the first time, I can actually see how the game/God Of War formula feels to a normal player! Before this, I could only go off reviews and player reactions and guesses in terms of gauging just what the game really was and how it felt to play. You can try to imagine that experience when you make the game but since you know it so intimately, you never really know what it feels like for a normal member of the audience. You never know how others are actually experiencing it. Now I get to see and know and experience that! What a very cool learning opportunity! 

I'll post my final thoughts on the game when I finish it (and once it's been out a bit) but I can say now that visually and production wise, I really don't think there has EVER been a game that has executed at this level! Presentation and production wise, this is a crazy ass bar raising simply staggering game! And the execution of the story telling process? Fucking fantastic (amazing opening credits)! Amazing job all around! NOTE: Not suggesting he new GOW doesn't add and change the formula- that's up to you to determine- I am just saying the original formula is still present as well and that is what I am talking about.