Thursday, February 07, 2008


EDIT: some more pics for Sunday! Thank you! Please keep them coming! So cool!

EDIT: CANADA- I hear you guys and so you know, this whole thing is news to us at Eat Sleep Play (and perhaps SCEA as well).. No one ever mentioned that Canadians would get the shaft regarding art book and music. It is FIRST on my list to deal with when work opens tomorrow morning; I will keep you guys posted.


Hey! Blogging from Vegas.

Did a whole vid blog but Flixn is broke- audio is working tho. Here:

Fried from drinking and press and no sleep- but show is going great!

Heading down in a bit to the DICE awards! Watch it streamed live on Gamespot!

Anyway, first pics from people buying our game! Thank you so much!!!! :)

Thanks Carlton!

Thanks Davis!

Thanks Synthr!

Oscar, Thank You!!! And thanks for all the support over the years at the Playstation Store!! :)

Thank you Delriach (and wife of Delriach!) :)

Thank you, Rex!!!

Thanks David! For both buying our game and all the great message board support over the last few years. We SOOOO appreciate it!

RallyRes! Thanks dude- for buying our game and for creeping the shit out of me with this manip! Thanks for the support on the board as well! :)

KILRGRN, thank you for buying our new game and thanks for being so understanding about taking those scans down :) I know your heart was in the right place :)

Ray- thanks dude! And thanks for keeping Shoutbox going with all your great posts!

Torgo, thanks! And thanks for the podcast support! We still need to get the team to sign a copy for you guys!


Later ya'll!