Saturday, April 25, 2009

Like a Pig in Shit

So I was just looking around my office and I realized it's a total pig stye.

Ok, it's not THAT bad (I mean, it's been worse, for sure) but it sure ain't clean.

But right when I started to get the thought that I should clean the place, I realized that I take comfort in a messy space when I'm in my creative zone. Right now-with the game- the team is really starting to gel and we are making great progress on all fronts. When I am in that phase of a game's development- where tech solutions are getting locked down and the pipeline of play mechanics and new art is FINALLY starting to flow into the realtime database at a speedy pace- for some reason, my work space tends to get really, really messy. I think it's cause- clearly- all my energy goes towards focusing on the game experience and the experience of real life takes a back seat.

So here I sit with my 3 day old Diet Coke cans, coffee cops from Einstein Bros Bagels, the massive empty box my new dev kit was shipped in, and the GOD OF WAR framed art that I took down to show someone on ichat and have yet to put back on the wall...and it makes me happy. Like a Pig in Shit, you know? I like it because it signifies where we are at in the game and I like it because it just feels good to be surrounded by all this stuff, like a warm blanket made up of pop culture artifacts, bad-for-me drinks, chewed on pencils, and pictures of the games and the kids that I've helped to make. And I really, really like it :)