Friday, September 05, 2008



Real fast:

a- I've seen some comments where people assumed I was stoned when I made these videos. Just to be clear. I do think weed is fine FOR ADULTS to use SOMETIMES. I have used it in my adult life a small number of times, but not many. But I have nothing against it. BUT I never show up to work- or in this case, when I'm about to start work in the morning- stoned or having had a drink (which I also rarely do). I was really, really tired yesterday cause I had spent 2 days walking 2 little around Disneyland and I was wiped. That is why I seem so fried.

b- I never said that I was intelligent because I was liberal. I said that the views I had just expressed in that part of the video to me- because I am liberal- were intelligent TO ME. And then said, if you are a conservative, you would think the views I had just expressed in the video were STUPID. Some of you people need to learn to read and watch shit better, but hey, what's new.



Note to Kotaku: Come on guys, you really think this is worth putting on your blog? I LOVE Kotaku but this is nuts...when we talk about our games- which yes, you smarmy Kotaku journalist asshole, we ARE making a new one :) - we would LOVE for you to cover it and hell, if you gotta cover this in order to cover that, then go ahead. But please, the people who give a shit what I say know to come reason to put this totally non game related rant on your site, is there?

And this is not me saying: JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!! If you think your readers care, put it up. I'm cool with that. It's just odd that you would think they actually care. By reading the comments, they sure don't seem to.

And yes, calling you an ass is a joke- I love your site!



Sorry about the double videos- accidentily hit the stop button when recording the first one.

Have a great weekend ya'll!


ps. I think it's cool how it looks like Jeanne D'arc is looking up at me over there on a bit to the bottom right...