Friday, March 02, 2018


Hey all! So THIS SUNDAY (March 4th) at NOON is the Bartlet Jones/Game Memorabilia raffle!

The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency
835 5th Ave
San Diego, California

Some Details:
-Show up at Noon and either Nick or I will come down to let ya in! 

-From there, we'll put your name in a hat and start drawing for stuffs! 

-NOTE: THIS IS FREE! We are not selling anything...just show up, get a raffle card, and see if and/or what you win! :) 

-After each win your name goes back in the hat (for the things you want) so you can win multiple     

- If you email us at BEFORE Sunday at 11:59am you can get your name entered TWICE for each drawing. It's our little reward for helping us figure out how many folks are showing up. We could have 3 or idea at this point! So if you know you are coming EMAIL US and increase your odds of winning :). 

We've got gaming stuff to give away, from games I worked on as well as other geek/game stuff. Here's just some examples: 


BUT we're also giving away general office stuff as well...some examples:

Plus books, desks, even some COMPUTERS! WHA?!?!?

Only deal is if you want and win it you gotta carry it home with you! :)

Any questions post below!

Hope to see ya on Sunday!