Friday, October 28, 2011

Meeting Heroes Rocks Much!

It's a stunning/humbling moment when one of your heroes becomes one of your friends. Amazing and fun to do the IGDA talk with John Mufu*!in' Romero last night! What a cool dude! And check it: there's TWO heroes for the price of one cause Ms. Brenda Brathwaite was there as well and as you probably already know, she kicks much game design/game making ass (she freakin made Train and designed Jagged 'Freakin' Alliance and co-authored one of my fave books on game design!) 

Oh...and please don't tell her this but she reminds be a bit of CJ from my favorite show, The West Wing. So last nite talking to her I spent half the time pretending I was President Bartlett. :) Does that make me a crazy person?!?


The Return Of Small Brawl?!?!

Not so much! :)

I mean, MAN, how cool is that?!?! Can't wait!


ps. I THINK there's an RC Axel coming as well! Seen stills of the model but not seen the real thing yet.