Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Roald Dahl Appreciation Blog Post

My buddy Gary Whitta posted this on his Facebook page and I had to steal it:

Just seeing the familiar spines that let you know it's a Dahl book makes me very happy at a core/gut/spiritual level. As I wrote on Gary's FB page, I am only now discovering Dahl in any meaningful way. I grew up- naturally- knowing about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but that was more from the movie. And I knew a little about James and the Giant Peach & Danny the Champion of the World since I saw my brother (who is 2 years-ish older) reading those. But I never personally read any of Dahl's stuff until I read BFG to my daughters about 8 months ago. It really was love at first chapter. 

Since that time, Dahl has become one of my favorite- if not my number one favorite- authors of all time. My youngest daughter- who is 6- says the same :). We just finished up Matilda and jumped right in to George's Marvelous Medicine! 

It is a total joy to read this guy and I love there are so many books he's written that we've yet to read. I personally can't wait to start on BOY as I'm eager to hear about how he grew up.