Saturday, March 07, 2009


And now you can too! Check it:

Ok, well at least the opening credits.

BUT I would only watch this if you have already seen the film.

I thought the movie was FANTASTIC! I was never a big WATCHMEN fan before. The comic- honestly- was boring to me. That may have been cause I read it in 1996 when the whole 'deconstruction of the superhero genre/myth' was no longer edgy or unique. Or maybe I just found the comic dense and dull. Or both.

And up until I sat in the theater and these amazing opening credits began to roll, I really had no interest in seeing the movie. I was working all day today (Saturday) and around 4pm I was like: screw it, I've done enough work for a Saturday and wanted a break. So I went, cause I knew- because of the subject matter- I'd end up seeing it eventually anyway; may as well be today.

I was so lukewarm on the thing because the marketing makes it look like a lame LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN/MYSTERY MEN bargain bin flick. Anyone who has seen the movie and dug it knows that it is much,much more than that. While the Watchmen hardcore may quibble over aspects missed or lost in translation, I loved that it was a smart superhero movie that really made deconstructing the hero mythos fresh and entertaining. And after you see the movie, it makes these opening credits even that much stronger. As a superhero/comic book fan, seeing these JSA era heroes and what becomes of them as the times change is in many ways like watching your childhood fantasies of superheroes change and die as you grow up (which- I assume- allegorically- is at least one of the points of the whole thing).

Oh, and unlike many I've talked to, I thought the choice to use pop music for much of the movie was fantastic.

Anyway- late and I'm rambling but: will totally be seeing this again on what I hope to be a chocked full of geeky goodness DVD!

Oh and I saw on the net where someone said, "Snyder is the new Spielberg" and after this, I can see the truth in that statement. Man seems like he's got some shit to say and express AND he likes to entertain. Nice to have a director like that back in the game. I know some will say Nolan does that, but I feel Snyder has a better balance of messenger and showman. But whatever. Either way, great flick.

Ok- off to bed. Daylight savings starts tonite (sweet! love spring) and I'm getting up and taking my girls to Disneyland (yes again!) tomorrow morning.