Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Day With Tim...And Morgan...And Garnett...

...and a whole lotta other super cool, super nice folks!

I hit LA yesterday to pimp our game on Garnett's fantastic WEEKEND CONFIRMED podcast! Here's a crappy pic of my view watching Garnett kick things off:
And yes indeed eagle eyed readers: that IS Michael McWhertor sitting next to me and Garnett. If you don't know, Michael just left Kotaku and is now doing his thang at Gametrailers where he - among other things- writes the biz's newest must read blog: SIDE/MISSION!

I've been a fan of Garnett and his podcasts since the 1up days and it was a real thrill, honor, and blast to sit with his crew (in front of the mikes and in the control booth) and gab games for 3 hours! The time flew by and I had a great time! Thanks ya'll!

So then I headed down Wilshire to the G4 offices where the team allowed me to pimp our baby on one of my fave game shows: XPLAY! I also got to do G4's podcast! Besides getting to talk games and pimp Twisted Metal, doing these shows meant I also got to spend time with the always kind, very talented, and- yes- stunning Morgan Webb!

Here she is hosting the podcast (which will air on/around Valentine's Day...the same day Twisted Metal hits! :)

Oh, and the XPLAY will air end of this month! Please stay tuned for both! 

Ok, so get this: while I'm pimping the Metal, turns out the legendary Tim Schafer was doing some XPLAY too, promoting his studio's amazingly fun Kinect game Double Fine's Happy Action Theater! Check it out if you've not seen this super creative title:

Pretty cool, eh? It hits Feb 2nd and I will be grabbing it day 1 to play with the kids!

And even better, I got to jump into the game WITH its creator, along with Ms. Morgan and fellow XPLAY host (and always super cool) Adam Sessler (who is now sporting a bad ass Picard look, by the way)! Check us out, acting tha fools:

And here's Tom chatting it up on the podcast! I could talk games and the biz with this guy all day and hope I get the chance to soon! 
And yes, that's Xplay's very own Steve Johnson- man of 1000 voices!- in between Tim and me. Very cool, very funny dude! 

And here's me and Tim in another of my 'me meeting a hero' pics:
With this one and John Romero's from last month (and Shigeru Miyamoto's from a few years back), I'm building quite a collection! :)

Oh check it: me, Tim, and Morgan even made a flick together :)

How cool is that?!?!

Ok- gotta run- lots to do this weekend (including getting the contest finally judged by tomorrow!)- talk soon!