Thursday, January 03, 2008


No more comic book stores for me! Check out the latest video blog on the upper right of this blog to see what's up with my newest passion: Marvel Digital Comics!

Will this be the FINAL nail in the coffin for comic stores? Maybe...hell, probably. Just like music stores.

But I think this could also open up the medium to so many more all they gotta do is try to make some comics that grown ups don't feel like idiots reading. I know there are some out there- used to LOVE Strangers in Paradise. But hell, I would love to read an adult oriented ACTION's like you either get the 10 year old boy superhero stories or the 20 something angsty hippie chick comix. Yes this is a generalization but it's kinda true from my 30+ years of comic reading experience.

Either way- this is great stuff for lovers of the medium and lovers of Marvel (that's me!) included! Now DC just needs to fall in line. Eager to see how well this is going for Marvel, money wise. I hope this takes off!

See ya!



Adam Orth-from Sony- just sent me this image of the comic that- it seems- is still in the Sony Santa Monica bathroom! Watch the V-blog to see what the hell I'm talking about :) Thanks Adam! Just glad Herminie isn't photoshopped into the toilet!