Friday, March 12, 2010


Check me out on this week's episode of THE BONUS ROUND from Gametrailers.

Along with host Geoff Keighly, I chat with game design consultant N'gai Croal and Bioware Co-Founder Greg Zeschuk all about videogame stories.

Hope ya'll dig it! Part II hits this Sunday.

Shut Up And Bleed You Mother Fuc-!

Out in Utah the last few days working on the game. Some cool pics with a Sweet Tooth mask :)

Me and Scott Campbell (Eat Sleep Play co-founder/co-pres) posing with our boy's head. My understanding is a former Incognito employee made this for his Halloween costume back in the day. But this was the first time I'd ever seen it. It's so dang cool!

Me, being a dork :)

Me as dork, Part II :)

Close up of the mask. Nice detail!!!

Great weekend ya'll! I'm stuck inside tomorrow doing more work for our game. But I don't mind- game is going well so it's fun to keep cranking :). Plus, I'll spend a little time with War/Darksiders. Yes, I am STILL trying to finish it. I thought I was gonna do it last weekend but a little game called GOD OF WAR III hit my inbox and I played that all weekend (finished it too!...when is the last time I finished a game in 1-2 days?!? Probably it was ICO back in tha day!)...

Ok...take it easy, ya'll!