Wednesday, July 21, 2010

COMIC CON...HERE I COME! Well...soon...if I can get enough shit done tonite......

Oh My God! It's 11pm and I still got a metric shite ton of stuff to get done before tomorrow! Sheesh!

Screw it- gonna go to bed and get up at 5am. Trying to work while running on fumes=futile and shitty.

A few things first:

#1- If you like, check out this interview I did with the very cool website mydvdinsider about our LIVE ACTION stories for the new Twisted Metal! Wha!?!? Did I just say LIVE ACTION!?! I DID! Can you believe it?!? We're kicking this shit old school, Jungle Strike FMV style! Except with no white tigers.

#2- 1UP just put up an interview I did with them about all things Twisted Metal. Please do check that out as well, if you please :)...

Ok, I think I hear the laundry buzzing. I shit you not: I have like 4 shirts right now that I just wash over and over. And like 2 jeans that I can still fit into (yes I'm putting on some weight as the stress of the game kicks this sucks!) anyway, I hope I can find another pair of jeans I can get into and I'm not bumming around the con with nasty ass 2 day old jeans on :)...I really should go shopping but I fucking hate clothes shopping.

Oh- and if you plan on attending our panel at Comic Con- and I hope ya do- here's some info: We had some issue with customs in China and so we only got 100 masks to give away at our panel. Our room- Room 8- seats 350 but to be frank, I would be thrilled if we could get 50-75 people in there. I don't see us filling the place. So all you who plan on showing up should be taken care of if you want a mask. But just so you know, if you plan on coming and you really are dying for a Tooth mask, get there a few minutes early just to be sure. But again, I ain't expecting a full house given the competition we're up against at Friday 1pm. That's cool'll be nice and intimate for just us hard core Twisted Metal heads! :) We'll have fun!

Oh and the extra 1-2 thousand masks we HAD planned to give out at the con are still coming. Just need to figure out how to give them out. PAX perhaps? Not sure, will let ya'll know!

Ok-later ya'll! Hope all is well!