Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Ok, I swear I hate blogs where people just link to other videos and stuff. That ain't fresh content! BUT today is just that kinda day. First the new Karate Kid trailer hits (which I love) and now this, from Super Mario Galaxy 2. Holy HELL this looks like a ton of fun!

Man, why Nintendo doesn't go ahead and open a mega theme park to rival Disney at this point is beyond me (unless there is just no cash in it). But dude, it would be SO GREAT! Listening to this music- which is VERY Disneyland-y- and seeing these great, classic, family friendly and much beloved characters really just sells the idea. What's a good name?

World of Nintendo?
Mushroom Kingdom?

Anyway, I'd be there day one. Unless it was in Japan. Or in general anyplace I'd have to fly to get there. Then I'd get around to it eventually. But I'd still dig it...from afar :)



Oh me? Yeah, don't give a fuck what you say- this movie looks great!

And yes, I loved the first one (and dig the little soundtrack reference to it at the end of this trailer) but I just love this basic story. And Chan rocks and the kids seems pretty good too. Can't wait to take my oldest to this!


Listen To Me and Scott Campbell Live Today on Kotaku Radio!

Hey- sorry for the short notice. Everyone is in milestone crunch.

I will be on the live phone in Kotaku show today along with Eat Sleep Play co-founder, Downhill Domination director, and co-Twisted Metal creator Scott Campbell! That is, if we can pull Scott away from his shit ton of work out in Utah.  It's easier for me to hop on a phone interview cause I don't got 20 people pulling me in 100 directions all day long. Scott does. BUT I hope he can make it!

I will be there for sure so click here for details and swing by and ask some questions and chat with us this morning! It's at 10am Cali/Pacific time. You can do the math for the rest :)

Hope to hear from ya'll!