Friday, June 11, 2010

I swear I'm not dead...

...and neither is the blog. We've just had a hell of a crazy milestone that's been taking all our time. With all the execs in town for E3, Sony scheduled a milestone for our game the week of E3 so the upper ups could swing by the Santa Monica studios and we could demo for them how the game is coming along. That's the great news. The BAD news is we've been head deep in fecal paste trying to make this demo kick ass to the point that the execs will forget about all the sweet Sony games from E3 and leave LA talking about OUR game demo instead :)

Granted, we're a bit behind those other games that are show floor ready BUT can hope! :) Milestone is looking great but it's taken all our time and so that's what's been up with lack of updates. I WILL be at E3 for a day next week it turns out cause I'm driving up to LA to show the execs the game. Figure if I'm in town anyway, I'd be nuts if I didn't swing by the convention center. So perhaps I'll see some of you there. If not, chat with you on the blog in about a week!

So excited- E3 is days away! Gosh, what do I really want to see the most?!?!

Here's my initial list of games I'm eager to play/see/learn more about. I am sure I'm missing some but this is just what leaps to mind:

NATAL (want to try it, I'm curious. Already played with the MOVE and I dig that as well)

Ok back to the grind! Talk next week!


Tuesday, June 01, 2010


I LOVE the South. And I LOVE Alabama.

But these recent ads make me ashamed to say I am from Bama.

Just a fucking disgrace.