Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Last Post Of The Year + Nyquil Dreams + WIN AN EAT SLEEP PLAY JACKET!


Wow- that didn't take long. I guess I should have said the FUNNIEST overall cause there were some funny ones in there. But according to the rules- that I made up while tired and getting my first buzz of Nyquil- the FIRST 2 things to make me smile/laugh are the winners. So with that said, here they are:

Lateralus sent me this that both amused me and made me kind of sick to my stomach:

And then this little gem from Delriach! Fucking love this! Where did it come from? How did I miss this?!?!

So there you have it. The first ever winners of the official EAT SLEEP PLAY jacket!

If you two guys will shoot me your emails in this post, I will get your jackets mailed out around the 5th of January. They are both the same size I think and I don't recall what that size is. And as always, I am not responsible- nor is EAT SLEEP PLAY- for getting you the jacket at all, getting it to you by a certain time, making sure you don't do stupid shit with the jacket,etc...we WILL send it but just saying that once it hits the mail, we're off the hook :)

But when you get it, would love to get a pic of you wearing it for the blog :)

Happy New Year everyone. Be safe, have fun, and thanks so much for all the great support over the last year!


Check back once the ball drops Pacific Time to see who the 2 winners are :)