Tuesday, October 07, 2008



Last 3 weeks have been totally dedicated- on my part- to level design. It's been fun and the levels are coming along great. But now it's time to shift gears to game play, game mechanics, and balance/detail issues. This is where the game really comes alive. The goal should be- at the end of this 'gameplay fitness' regime (as Scott calls it)- that we can put the controller in the hands of people and they realize it's very, very rough and they may need some explanations about some of the game play- but
once all that is taken into account- they are having a decent-to-really fun time.

Over the last month, as I've played the game and seen things I don't like, things I want to change/adjust, or just had brainstorms or issues, I'd write them on a post it note and stick it on my desk. Well today- now that level design is done for a few weeks- it's time to take those notes and get bizzy working with the team to deal with my gameplay issues, as well as the issues the rest of the team has.

So I've taken all my issues and put them in a hat and now I'm about to start going thru them all, one by one, and making notes of things I'd like to see the team take on in hopes of getting the game to a really fun state.

Wish us luck! Thought I'd share!


ps. not my place to say anything about the GOW III game director. Do I know who it is? Yes. Do I like the person. Totally. Do I think this person is very talented and hope this person will bring the talent I've seen from him before into the role of game director? Hells yeah. But it's not my place to drop names on a game I am not involved with. Keep an eye out from Sony in regards to this issue.

****END UPDATE*******

Hey- rammbly post today- just saying hey:

ps. MAN look at me pounding the caffeine...