Tuesday, February 26, 2008



Still in Utah- me, Scott, and Kellan went to CPK today and took a PS3 controller with us to work out the controls for our new game over lunch. Sure we looked like dorks but we got some good work done, especially since we are exploring some nice sized changes to our control set up....


Man...it don't get much cooler than THAT! DAMN THAT IS SWEET!!!!!



Hit the Macaroni Grill with Scott and Kellan. If you've never been, they have tablecloths you can write on with the crayons they provide. Here's what we doodled while chatting games, work, and other stuff.

My doodles...never got to Pyramid Head in Silent Hill, but there is my take. GDC was sketched when we were talking about me having to miss my GDC speech. I am a big believer that doodles say much about the doodler. Not sure what these images say about me!

Kellan's sketch...by the end of the night, the dude had an exposed brain! It was really sweet and gross!

Scott's terrorist or biker gang dude....

Oh, and I found these cool Sweet Tooth cycle helmet customs online. Sweet, eh?

Later ya'll!