Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why the do we even try? :)

Jeeze- what's the point of all those marketing meetings where we bang our heads against the wall, trying to find the perfect name for our titles?

This toy is on a SECOND SERIES already! So it's gotta be working!

And I love the Z in BAD was that JUST so they could trademark the thing or was there some sort of creative logic behind it? Like POLICE VS. BAD GUYS would not send the same message? Are these particular bad guyz of the Mountain Dew drinking, extreme skating variety?

Fucking love it! Not sure if I already posted this pic, but I was in RITE AID last nite and saw the second series and it jogged my brain that I had this pic on my cell phone.

And what was the game I saw yesterday? Something about Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ?!?! Genius!

Hell, that right there's the game version of SNAKES ON A PLANE. The game could be damn near unplayable and they will still turn a small profit on the name alone. I know I'm picking it up.

That sounds like a great biz plan for a new publisher: fuck the games, it's all about cool, clever names!

By the way, here are some names we were considering for some of our games at one time:

TWISTED METAL could have been named:
CARS AND ROCKETS...I STILL love one else does tho :(

GOD OF WAR could have been called:
Just the OMEGA SIGN and no name....

CALLING ALL CARS was gonna be:

Oh and Kratos- from GOD OF WAR- was going to be named Dominus for a long, long time until uber marketing genius Susan Panico suggested Kratos (not sure where she got that from)...and thank God she had that idea because I had designers on the team for over a year doing the, "get the door, it's Dominus" joke...and I assume they would not have been the only ones.


ps. also saw this in the toy store! Love they are bringing these back!

My oldest wants this for her birthday! Can't wait to make these this summer!