Friday, August 01, 2008



Well I am already crazy sore (tomorrow is going to be hell!) and I'm covered in dust from 2-3 really lame, stupid looking slides into third base. In my head, I was a freaking softball superstar...but Mike B (super supreme coder and all around genius at getting console games blazing fast on the net) caught the whole game on video tape... so I'm sure next week- when I see the replays-I'll realize how dorky I really looked. Either way, it was a blast! Now I am tired, super sore, bruised, dirty as hell, and ready to just get my ass back home. I am stunned they didn't stop me at security when they saw me limping- YES LIMPING!!!- up to the gate and covered in dirt :)

Check out some pics from the game:

Here we are, about to start the, I haven't played base/soft ball in over 20 years! But hey, I can still hit that ball and it still feels great to connect with it in JUST the right home runs for me, but it still felt great! Thanks Angelic- production manager (I think that's her title)- for setting the whole thing up :)

New Idea: FIRST PERSON BASEBALL! Has that been done before?!?! If not, I got dibs!!!

And just for fun, here's a pic of the toys I picked up for my girls at the airport gift shop. I sometimes bring stuff home for them..but not always. I like to keep them on their toes and not spoil them. But I'm dying to see them and make pancakes with them in the morning...and I just figured, what the hell! Check it out:

Cute, eh?

Oh man! TV IS SO DATED!!!! They got Wolf Blitzer playing on the airport tv doing his 'situation room' thang and trying to punch the news and make everything feel all important and exciting...but I'm like: dude, I read that news on the net like 2 hours ago. He's all like: STAY TUNED AND FIND OUT WHAT THE HECKLERS SAID TO OBAMA TODAY!!!!....and I'm like: yeah, already knew about that before we started the softball game. Man...amazing how far we've come! :) So cool! later- great weekend ya'll!!!!

+++++++++++END UPDATE

Has it been a year already?!? Actually, a little over a year!!?!? AMAZING! Seemed like just yesterday we were trying to figure out if we even wanted to leave the safe haven of Sony and venture out on our glad we did!

After one year, we're still in business, we've been successful enough to pay out some bonuses to the amazing team, and we're ramping up for our best T...err, never mind! Can't talk about that...not quite yet :)

The gist is: we're just getting started!

Out in Utah rite now to celebrate! Gonna head out soon for softball and food with the team! Will take pics and update over the weekend!

Talk soon!


ps. yes, I've read the Mummy reviews. And YES, I'm gonna see it anyway! Let ya'll know what I think...if you guys see it, please comment and give us the high level 'good or bad'...with no spoilers please :)