Friday, April 10, 2009

Check me out on a new Bonus Round this Sunday!

Hey ya'll- check it...just in time for Easter! Sweet!

Be on the Bonus Round this weekend along with super cool analyst Michael Pachter, rebel game journalist (and creator) Jeff Gerstmann and hosted by the esteemed Mr. Keighley. It was a fun shoot to do, even tho I was totally hung over from the night before and look really, really old and haggard (if this trailer is any indication). Folks who seem to agree with my take on stuff like used games and the rental market will find more reason to agree with me. Folks who usually hate me for saying such things and think I don't understand that there are used car markets and used book markets (and don't seem to understand that I think those are not apples to apples comparisons) will find more ammo to try to use against me. Either way, I love you all my fellow geeks, so dig in! :) It was a fun shoot- hope it's fun to watch as well!

I imagine they are breaking it up into weekly segments as always.. if so, this is part one. Let me know what you think and if I don't post before Monday again, you guys have a great Easter for those who love the baby Jesus. And for with ancestors who marked their doors long, long ago to escape that pesky bad ass angel, hope ya'll are having some good Seders. Now open the fucking door- Ellijah's getting his ass frozen standing out there all night!

And for us Agnostics in the crowd: sweet! New movies this weekend...I SO wanna see Anvil!

Actually, I am going up to LA to eat at my fave Indian place with some of my buddies from LA that I have not seen in a while. So that should be fun! Ooh, and then Easter Egg hunts with the kids on Sunday.

Ok, take it easy ya'll!