Monday, December 31, 2007


THE WINNERS (if you won more than once, I go to the next person in line):

Winner #1-nokage
Winner #2-tapion440
Winner #3-sol
Winner #4-rastor

Details on how to claim the game coming soon! Congrats ya'll! Thanks for playing! And again: Happy New Year!!!


Welcome 2008! Here's hoping we all have the best year ever!!! Thank you so much for the support of this blog over the last year!

And games!

#5,#10, #15, and #26 comments get a free copy of our first ever Eat Sleep Play video game:

Good luck! I will post the winners in a bit!


Time waits for no man...

EDIT: NOT THIS POST! DO NOT POST TO THIS POST! Read this need to comment to a NEW POST that is going up after midnite! Thanks!!!

3:30pm San Diego time. Less than 9 hours till a brand new year. Amazing how times flies although I have to say, this year has been a great one. So much has happened that I am so grateful for and so much living - versus simply existing- was packed into the last 12 months, that for the first time in memory I don't look back and think, 'man, where did the year go?!?!' It really feels like I milked the shit out of 2007. I got no regrets, just great memories. And I'm ultra jazzed for what 2008 has in store for us all.

Ok, so I wanted to give those of you who are interested in the 'Win Twisted Metal: Head On: Extra Twisted Edition PS2' contest, some info:

I did not make the time to fill out the holiday cards. I got sick and that- plus normal holiday activities- just drained my time. So no cards went out and I doubt I will ever get around to sending them. I am very, very sorry for those who took the time to go to the yahoo account and enter addresses. But let me make it up to two ways!

#1- Because I feel bad for being a slacker, let's give away 4 copies of the game, versus 3! So, there ya go: one extra chance to win a copy!

#2- Since I'm tossing the whole holiday card idea, it means more than 20 folks (the original number of cards I was going to send out) now have a chance to win now! So that's good(for those who didn't make the cut!)...

So here's the between 12:00 and 12:30am on Jan 1 PST (i.e. once us Californians get to see the ball drop in NYC Times Square) I will post a new blog entry. The folks who post to that blog entry's #10,#15,#20,and #26 comments will get a copy of the game. So it's like the old school radio call in contests ('be caller #10 to win a pair of tickets to the Duran Duran concert!')...but now there are 4 chances to win...not just one! You just gotta make sure your comment lands in one of those slots! And YES, multiple comments are ok!

So good luck! I will post the winners later tonite or first thing in the am.

NOTE: If for some reason blogger has an allergic reaction to folks refreshing and posting comments fast (and yes, the comments don't have to have anything written in them...they can be empty as long as blogger will take them)...but if for some reason, it doesn't work the way I think it is...I reserve the right to find a new way to give these damn things away :)

But let's hope for the best! I think it'll work great!

By the way, if you are from out of the country, I am more than happy to send you a copy if you win, but it is the NTSC version. Also, the games will go out- I THINK- around the week we ship. But it may be a bit sooner or a bit later, depending on when we get our copies from Sony.

Ok, so that's that.

Now I gotta go get ready. We are having a little kids New Year's party/play date that starts in less than an hour. I imagine the kids and their parents will not make it till midnight so it will prob be me and the wife ringing in the new year and then her hitting the hay while I update the blog and try to whip thru a few more Uncharted chapters (I am on chapter 18 right now) before I go to bed. My fantasy is to finish the game before the holiday officially ends tomorow nite. I'll let ya'll know!

Oh and look: if you are going out tonite, please be safe! Have a great time and Happy New Year! Looking forward to continuing to blog and chat with ya'll in 2008 (the year of Indy!!!)...

ok, gotta run...see ya'll...and good luck tonite if you are entering the contest!


Friday, December 28, 2007


Doing some house cleaning on the blog, moving some stuff around...So hey, I put a new chat box in the corner...we'll see if this one works better than the last! Be fun to talk in real time with some of ya'll! This one is better than the last in that no one but me can post as Jaffe or David Jaffe or djaffe, if you see that name, it's really me...not some 12 year old Playstation hater trying to fuck stuff up for folks. I can also ban people so that will be good if people show up trying to screw things we'll see where it goes...

Also I put up a video blog feature-real easy to do so I think I will use this feature alot if people don't get sick of seeing me in person! I know the audio drops out, video skips a bit, and the whole image is not shown. Will work on fixing/improving that for next update- not sure if there is anything I can do however. It seems pretty plug and play and what you see is what you get.

Talk soon-


Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays!

The kids are asleep, the cookies for Santa are out, and there are so many presents under the tree that I vacillate between shame and excitement. As me and the family- aka wife, brother, mom, dad, mother in law, father in law, settle in to watch LOVE, ACTUALLY (love that movie!) I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to those who celebrate the baby Jesus, Happy belated Hanukkah to those who dance the Hora, and to my fellow agnostics, HAPPY HOLIDAYS YA'LL!

As a person who is pretty much a hedonist, me and the wife celebrate everything that seems fun. We lit the Menorah (cause I was raised Jewish, but no longer am), we have a tree (cause my wife was raised Christian but no longer is), and hell, if I knew anything about Quanza (including how to spell it) I'm sure we'd celebrate that.

But the main thing we celebrate is how fortunate we are to have family and love and health. I will update I am sure before New Year's but still: have a great holiday ya'll! Be safe and have so much fun!


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sick Ass Motherfucker...

12:30 am, up sick as crap :(

This is the worst sore throat I've had since I was in Vegas for the very first Sony Santa Monica Xmas party and I was up all night in the bathroom drinking tea from room service, sitting on the bathroom floor reading magazines so I would not wake up my wife.

This so sucks!

And you know it sucks cause I took Nyquil and this soar throat is so bad, the pain woke me up, even tho I'm drugged up on that shit...which I LOVE by the way!

Tea and Tylonol...what else can you do? My codine perscription- I forget why I have codine...some sickness in the past- is no longer valid. Mmmmm, codine would rock rite now....!

Oh, check this out:

Doing final Xmas shopping tonite and I popped into Radio Shack. Didn't know they sold PS games! And check it- The God of War games are for sale in there! Not that I have the skills as a writer, but if I had any energy right now, I'd attempt to write about how full circle-y it is that a game I worked on is for sale in Radio Shack. Radio Shack? What's so special about Radio Shack? Well, the Radio Shack in the Brookwood Village mall back in Alabama was the very place I used to 'program' fantasy adventure games on the TRS-80/CoCo in the back of the store while my parents were shopping at the mall....(if you can call my BASIC programming slop 'programming')...ya know...something like this:

10 PRINT "You are standing in front of an ancient Mayan temple."
20 PRINT "Vines cover the stone steps that lead up to the pyramid summit, some 200 feet above..."
30 INPUT "What do you do?!?"; A$
40 IF A$ ="Take steps" GOTO 70
50 IF A$="Look at Vines" GOTO 60
60 PRINT "The vines are slippery, wet. Is that blood on them?!?"
65 GOTO 80
70 PRINT "Are you actually still reading this shitty BASIC PROGRAMMING example that probably would not even run cause I think I've forgotten the proper syntax for how to do Input strings?!?!"

Ok, gonna try to sleep again...or maybe I'll play some Uncharted. Finished Ratchet finally yesterday...LOVED IT! Started uncharted and I LOVE the theme and the look of it...controls suffer in comparison to the buttery smooth Ratchet but the ambiance and spirit of the game keep pulling me back. I worry tho about how much shooting there is. I LIKE the shooting; it's fun and really well done. But I'm at this part- right after the UBOAT- where it's like damn: ENOUGH FUCKING SPAWNING THE DRONES! EVERY 10 STEPS IS MORE FUCKING GUNPLAY!

Man I dig this game alot but I hope it's not paced this way the whole way thru...with just one shoot out after it?!?

Take care ya'll!


ps. God I hope I don't stay sick for brother and parents are in town for Xmas and they tend to love movies as much as me. So many good flicks to see...I hope I'm well enough for us to all go out...I love doing that! And there's some good stuff to see right now...the Tom Hanks thing, Atonement, National Treasure, The Great Debaters...ok, gonna go to bed and try to get well...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Best Part Of My Job

A sharp as hell #2 pencil, a stack of clean white paper, and a big tub of diet coke by my side. Yep, I'm in brainstorm mode. And hands down, this is the BEST part of my job.

Doing doodles, sketching out ideas, working out mechanics on paper; seeing how one idea leads to another...and God, when you hit on a idea you just LOVE, ooohhh, that's a nice group of pleasure neurons that fire off and make you feel like a God! But THEN once you get one of those cool ideas, I tend to get all like 'ok, don't push it' and then I kind of sit for an hour with NOTHING coming cause it's like the Universe is like a) don't get greedy! and b) ok, YOU may like it but don't be an arrogant ass and assume anyone else will!

Ah ya know, screw it...the (a) above is totally true...the (b) is not. I never feel that way. I fucking KNOW when I've stumbled upon a sweet ass idea. I don't question it. I was just trying to sound humble :)

In fact, here. Check this out:

See? That says 'COOL!' and there is a big circle around it. I do that when I hit on something I really, really like so it doesn't get lost amid the many doodles on the many sheets of paper floating around. I also do it as a way- I guess- of expressing how excited I am. It just kind of comes out.

And the best thing is, this is the part where I- having come up with what I feel is a sweet ass idea, or having heard a sweet ass idea from someone else on the team-get the same charge players get when they play the game for the first time and see/experience something cool. Difference is, now that I've gotten the charge, the team still has to work like crazy the next 10-24 months in order to bring some of these cool ideas life and thus, give players the same charge we've had for over 2 years!

But whatever- that's the job part of it, right? No worries. Especially given the people I work with tend to take a cool idea and then thru execution, make it 50 times better anyway!

And all that aside- WHEN one of the notes/sketches/doodles that I've worked on gets made and then gets in the hands of a gamer and THEY light up and smile in the same way I did when I first sketched the thing 2 years, that makes it worth it!

Plus, fuck man, even if some of these ideas don't make it (and alot won't), I still get to sit here all safe from the cold outside, warm in my cozy office surrounded by cool pictures, neat toys, and all the latest and greatest video games and just be creative! Fuck dude...what did I do so right in my last life to deserve this?!?!

I'm a happy man.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007


EDIT: And that's all she wrote. We're well past our 20 card limit so THANK YOU guys/gals for all the interest. I will be sending the cards out in the next several days so you'll have to wait to see if you made the cut :)

Gotta run get the kids out of the bath- chat with ya'll later! And thanks again for playing!



Hey, wanna get a little Eat Sleep Play holiday cheer in your mailbox AND have a chance to win the very first EAT SLEEP PLAY game ever made?!?! Sure ya do!

So...check it out:

Here you can see our first evaaar Eat Sleep Play holiday card. I have 20 of these that I will send out to the first 20 people that send a functioning snail mail address. NOTE: DO NOT COMMENT YOUR ADDRESS HERE....send it to and see if you can get your hands on the card.

That alone-the chance to own what will one day be a small piece of classic gaming memorabillia!....err we hope :)- should be enough to get your ass rushing to your keyboard to enter your address! But if that wasn't enough...check this out:

There it is, the cover for our first game! I like it! Pretty snazzy, I think!

So here's how you could win a free copy of the thing!

The FIRST 3 people WHO HAVE BEEN SENT AN EAT SLEEP PLAY HOLIDAY CARD to comment on THIS BLOG (not at the eatsleepplay100 account) but THIS BLOG in 2008, will get a copy of the game!

So the steps are:

1- get a card by being one of the first 20 to send your address to
2- IF you have a card AND you are one of the first 3 commenters on THIS BLOG in 2008 (SAN DIEGO TIME, BY THE WAY) you will win a copy of the game.

That's it...pretty easy, yeah?

As always, you need to be 18 to play and Eat Sleep Play makes the final rules and decisions about who won,lost,and matter if you think you won or lost :)

So...hell...a free holiday card AND a maybe a free game! What the hell is wrong with you! Send us those addresses! :)

Good luck ya'll!

Talk soon!


ps. and don't forget. Don't comment here with the address...send it to


Thursday, December 13, 2007



In Utah right now where it's cold and snowy...but I'm digging that! We never get snow in San Diego- and very rarely got it in Alabama- so I love it when it snows. I really enjoyed walking back to the office from lunch today as the white stuff started floating down. With the the snow and all the Xmas lights and decorations up and Christmas music coming outl of pretty much every speaker you go past, the whole day was really festive. I love this time of year!

But man what a long day! An early ass flight (up at 4am to catch the 6am) and then a long, but very productive- and very exciting- day of game design on our first new game for Sony! It's always best to sleep on the ideas of the day, to let the ideas settle before you get too excited... but I'm feeling pretty good that when I wake up tomorrow I'll still be really jazzed. We'll see :)

So hey, I'm dead tired. Gonna go to bed. But first...some pics before I hit the hay:

Check it out! This is what greeted me when I got up to the office today! Our logo on the door! Ok, ok, it's not that big a deal to you probably, but hey, all of us at Eat Sleep Play own the damn company so it's pretty cool to see your company logo on the door! This is the first time I've seen it on the window and door and I gotta admit, I got a bit of a thrill :)

Here is what I am eating for dinner RIGHT NOW! As in RIGHT NOW as we speak! Isn't that...boring? Yeah, I know, I know. But hell, I figured I'd share. Hey cool, it's like we're eating dinner together....err, sort of? Whatever. Die. :)

Tomorrow is our office Xmas party. That's the tree and some of the white elephant gifts we're giving out, wrapped in old bown bags (to make the gifts even more shitty) :)

And finally, the second of the Calling All Cars figures Scott likes to carve. Pretty snazzy, eh?

Ok that's it for me. I am beat. Was gonna stay up and type the design notes but I'm fried. Try to get to it in the am.

See ya'll!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Step right up and win some crap...

EDIT #3:

Well that was fun ya'll. Man, I got real sloppy towards the end...rope a dope I guess! :)

So the winners are:


Some really great games in there! Thank ya'll so much!

I will contact the three winners on PSN mail tomorrow and get the info we need to send out the prizes!

Happy Holidays ya'll! And thanks again for playing tonite!


ps. sorry for those who wanted to get in but did not...I wish there was a better way to gurantee that everyone got to play a time!

EDIT #2:


name: eatsleepplay
pw: beckinsale

my mic is not charged :( So no voice for me!

Hope to see ya'll online!


EDIT: Yeah, that is late...let's change it: It'll be 8:45 San Diego time...8:40 for the room and password post info


...actually, not crap at all! It's our first ever EAT SLEEP PLAY holiday swag! Check it out!

It's a box full of...well, hell, I ain't saying...but it's good! Really good! And it's our holiday gift to many folks in the biz this year. And it's also our holiday gift to you, loyal supporters of this new endeavor we like to call EAT SLEEP PLAY!

Well, I meant to say: it's your holiday gift if you can kick my ass at Calling all Cars tonite!

Is it lame I'm so jazzed about doing this? Probably. Who cares! Here's the deal:

I will be online tonite at 10pm San Diego Time (that's Pacific, to all you 'No Child Left Behind' folks). I will create a room in the Chief lobby and password it. The name of the game and the password for it will go up at 9:50 or so on this very blog. If for some reason, blogger is down, I will post the info on forums.

If you are one of the first 3 people to beat me in a game of Calling All Cars, we'll ship you out one of these babies: Eat Sleep Play's VERY FIRST- in what we know will be a long line of- Hoiday Goodies!

So I hope to see you online tonite and I hope at least SOMEONE can kick my ass!

Oh, but first, a few rules:

1. This contest is not a Sony contest AT ALL! They have nothing to do with it.

2. Winners and losers and all the details of who wins is totally up to us at Eat Sleep Play. So even if you THOUGHT you won, and we say you didn't, too bad. Not that we would ever do that, but we have to say it so we're all clear.

3. All games will be async start, so you can drop in at ANY time to play...but if you want to win, I suggest coming in at the start of a game (joining with us as we all leave the lobby) so you have more time to rack up points.

4. If I come in 4th in a game of 4, then all of those folks in the game 'beat me' and they all win...unless we've already given away 1-2 boxes. In that case, the person(s) with the highest points, take the prize.

5. Finally- and this is key- IF you play a game, you must quit out of the game room when the game is over...wait about 2 minutes and then rejoin. You can play as many times as you want but you need to drop out of the game room to make sure others have a turn. If you play two games in a row and I catch you doing it, you're out of the running.

6.If for some reason, stuff gets confusing, check my blog. I will have my laptop next to me as I play and will update as needed.

7. Finally- if you are under 18 and you win, we will not send you anything unless your parent(s) call us and say it's all cool.

8. Oh, and also: if you win, shoot me a friend invite on PSN network with your shipping info (and your age!) and we'll get your prize out this week (assuming if you are under 18, your parents have contacted us)

9. If it gets too late and no one has won and my wife is like: COME TO BED! or if my kids wake up and start crying and I gotta take care of them,etc...I will post this info and what the next steps are on my blog (i.e. 15 minutes break, end of the contest,winners list,etc)....

I'm really hoping I get to play and meet you guys tonite! Hell, it may just be like 3 of us the whole night anyway given the number of folks who play online :) But still...I will try to hook up my headset (never done it at home before) so we can chat live. Looking forward to meeting some of you readers for the first time!

And many thanks go out to my partner in crime Scott Campbell and our producer/office head/not-really-sure-of-her-title-but-we'd-all-be-dead-without-her Angelic Quntana of Eat Sleep Play for getting these great gifts and helping me out with this here contest.

See you guys tonite!


Monday, December 10, 2007


Sorry for the slow posting this week- not much time as both my kids were sick and I've been getting my head into new designs (which is nice, but take most of my creative energy....yes, these blog posts take creative energy, you ass! :)

Anyway, more posts this week but for now, I just saw this and Xmas came early...I'm sure many of you have already see it by now but I wanted it on my blog cause it's so fucking great!

Seen a few posts- and talked to a few folks- who say it reminds them of Temple of Doom. God, I hope the film is better that that. To be fair, TOD is a good, solid Indy flick and I think- if I may be the Indy geek that I am for a moment- that the Indy character in TOD is much more consistent with how he is in Raiders than how Indy comes across in Last I like that alot. The film has grown on me over the years but I think anything coming after the kind of masterpiece that was/is Raiders was bound to be a disappointment. Not in an AfterM*A*S*H sort of way, but still TOD was a bit of a let down.

Anyway, man this just brings me back to my childhood. So glad they made a good, old fashioned movie poster for this flick. I didn't expect less. In fact, it was exciting to hear Spielberg say that he was not changing his directing style to keep pace with more current action film techniques. I like that. I think Indy by way of Michael Bay- much as I dig some of Bay's work- would just feel wrong.

So I'm jazzed for this thing- can't wait! Gonna drive up to LA to see it in a giant theater with a fun crowd. Hell, maybe I'll fly back to Birmingham and see it in my old home town...that seems like the right way to revisit my childhood hero.

Ok, gotta get the day started. Talk later!


ps. I'm sure like EVERY summer, there will be 1-2 standout films and the rest will be crap. BUT if you look at the movies hitting this summer- and the directors behind them- it seems to have the potential to be pretty fucking great! Batman! Ironman! SpeedRacer! Indy! Shit, there's a few more I can't remember but still...I'll be there!

pps. had a good lunch with the producer of the GOD OF WAR movie a few weeks ago. Some big news COULD be coming on that front soon but nothing set in stone yet. But yeah, the project is still alive! And looking strong! BUT the funny part is, I was just sitting there kind of gushing over movies, what to go see, what was coming out, etc. Just being a fanboy. And he- the producer of the GOW flick and many other movies, including this summer's GET SMART, which looks really funny- was just so nonchalant about the whole thing. I mean, it's clear he loves the movies but it's also clear that- to him- it's a great job, but it's still just a job. And at first I was a bit disappointed. I wanted to grab him and scream: 'DUDE! You make the coolest fucking shit on the planet'! But then I realized that when something is your job, as much fun as it is, you tend to forget how cool your work really is. I have people come up to me all the time and gush over games, and get excited about new games coming out and I'm excited along with them but nowhere near as jazzed as they seem to be. And I think it must be the same thing. When it's your job, when you see games way in advance, when you get many games for free, when you MAKE the damn things...well sometimes you forget how cool your medium really is. So this meeting really made me stop and think and realize how amazingly lucky I am to do what I do, and how cool the medium I work in really is. So yeah, I'm very damn crazy excited these days about my work...and who can ask for anything beyond then when it comes to your job? I guess the best job is the one that does not feel like a job...and that's what I got! Ok, I'm rambling now...I really gotta run...see ya'll!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


EDIT: It was just pointed out ot me that gamespot and 1up are not Ziff properties. If that is the case, I stand corrected...but the logic still holds...other than the fact that the 1up guys may be just as in the dark about this whole thing as the rest of us....and at that point, makes me think that Gamespot is even LESS evil....ok...carry on :)


There’s a lot of talk on the net these days about the value, method, and integrity of professional game reviews. Heck, it’s something I’ve been thinking about as well. Just a few weeks ago, I put up an entry questioning the proliferation of 9 and 10 rated games and wondering why other mediums aren’t as quick as reviewers in the game biz to call something a masterpiece. So as a gamer and a game maker (who has gotten much love and a little ‘meh’ from game reviews in the past) it’s something that’s on my mind.

And the main thing on my mind is this: I DON’T THINK GAMESPOT IS EVIL

…at least I don’t think they fired Gerstmann because he gave Kane & Lynch a semi-poor review.

Look, Ziff is not only a company, but it’s a company in CALIFORNIA that does not want to get sued for terminating an employee without reason. In California, juries are notorious for sticking it to corporations in wrongful termination lawsuits. You don’t fire people in this state for stupid shit like, say, doing the job you paid them to do (i.e. asking a game reviewer to write a review) without expecting to end up in court. Now granted, there is the thought that- like WWF- the game reviewers at Gamespot are just putting on a show and were never hired to give actual reviews but to do whatever their editors told them (i.e. make advertisers happy) under the guise of being ‘actual game reviewers’…and then in that case, I guess you could fire someone who gives a review you don’t like, cause that is not what you hired them to do. Hell, if that was the case, maybe Gamespot ordered Gertsmann to write a glowing review but he did not and snuck in and put his review up on his own and THAT is why he got fired. In that case,while I would applaud Gertsmann, that behavior could and should get you fired. NOT that anyone has ever said that’s what went down…I’m just letting my imagination run wild at this point. ☺

I also can’t imagine Gamespot would be so naïve to assume that firing one of their most popular editors would not stir up some of the fan base. And I can’t imagine Gamespot would be so naïve to assume that firing an editor over a bad review would not hurt its reputation the way that it has. Hell, there have been times in the past that we’ve stressed over letting a junior artist go because we were worried about the morale ramifications the firing would have on the 3-4 guys who went to lunch with the dude every day. So if it’s on our radar, you have to imagine Gamespot had a damn good reason to let this guy go given that they must have known how it would look and how it would affect their reputation….right?

So to me, both of those things make it clear that Gerstmann had to have done something else that stirred up the hornet’s nest; something else to get him canned.

So yeah, I don't think Gamespot is evil. I don’t think- because of the reasons cited above- that Gertsmann was fired for writing the review he wrote. It doesn't hold water, it's not logical.

So we're done, right?

Well maybe.

See..,at the same time, there is the issue of this:

These are the guys from 1up showing up at the Gamespot offices to show support for Gertsmann and to make it clear they were not in favor of what went down. Ok, well these guys are part of the same industry AND the same company as Gertsmann…and they clearly are taking issue with something. I don’t know about you, but when people around me got fired in the past from time to time, I never liked it (cause I never want to see ANYONE lose a job) but I usually understood the reasons behind it. But here we’re got a whole gaggle of folks who seem like they should be ‘in the know’ and they are publicly saying, ‘this ain’t right.” So while my above theories about Gamespot not being evil SEEM like they are correct- at least to me- why are these 1up folks– who clearly know more of the story that I do-protesting? Anyone know if they’ve mentioned WHAT they were protesting? Did they come right out and say ‘we think Gamespot fucked up’? Cause man, if they DID say that and if they ARE in the know...then fuck. Then really just....just FUCK. Then man, Gamespot is total evil. And just scum as well. But I can't imagine it's as cut and dried as folks are making it out to be. It just can't be.

Anyway…so there’s that.

But hey, usually getting fired ends up being the best thing that happens to a person because it means it was time to move on and that they were no longer a fit with the place they worked. Getting fired is often the Universe’s way of coming along and saying: ok, you don’t have the balls to quit? No worries…I’ll help you out! And I imagine in Gertsmann’s case, this will hold true as well. So good luck Gerts...

…and good look Gamespot. If someone forced me to pick sides at this moment- going off NOTHING MORE THAN GUT REACTION- I would side with Gamespot, only because logic dictates that firing Gertsmann under the apparent circumstances would have no other result other than to make Gamespot look really bad (as it has). And that would be totally stupid.

…then again, this is the site that gave my last game a 6.7….

…so shit, maybe they are just a bunch of idiots….?

I KEED! I KEED! I honestly have NO FUCKING CLUE what went down...wish I did tho :)