Friday, December 28, 2007


Doing some house cleaning on the blog, moving some stuff around...So hey, I put a new chat box in the corner...we'll see if this one works better than the last! Be fun to talk in real time with some of ya'll! This one is better than the last in that no one but me can post as Jaffe or David Jaffe or djaffe, if you see that name, it's really me...not some 12 year old Playstation hater trying to fuck stuff up for folks. I can also ban people so that will be good if people show up trying to screw things we'll see where it goes...

Also I put up a video blog feature-real easy to do so I think I will use this feature alot if people don't get sick of seeing me in person! I know the audio drops out, video skips a bit, and the whole image is not shown. Will work on fixing/improving that for next update- not sure if there is anything I can do however. It seems pretty plug and play and what you see is what you get.

Talk soon-