Monday, April 30, 2007


Jesus, that last post generated a lot more shit than I had intented.

Appreciate all the kind words that came in; hell even the 'fuck you jaffe' posts were fine. Everyone is welcome, pull up a seat :)

Latest Reviews:

IGN: 8.5/10
GAMEZONE: 84/100
1UP: 8/10
GAMESPOT: 67/100

Overall, not too bad. Still pretty happy with where we are so far. Real eager to see what the buying public thinks of our game tho. As much as we care about official reviews, it's the reviews of the buying public that matter most to us.


Not much to say tonight, just wanted to move that last post down a notch so we could talk about something else. As I've said before, I am ok with all the hate and shit that goes on here from the standpoint of: I'm not taking the time to delete it. I don't have the time or interest in being a moderator. But I do have to say, man, there are some angry, pissed off, sad motherfuckers out there, ain't there? And not just at me. Some real nice people post in the comments and man, some ass holes just come out of the woodwork to tear them apart. Makes me wish the last scene in JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK could really happen in real life.


I will say this tho, when I think about it. I am torn about reviews of these sorts of games. Getting the gamespot review really made me think. And before any of you cowards who don't post your real fucking names tell me that I should stop crying, here's a big, juicy: 'GO FUCK YOUR MOTHER UP HER JIGGLY ASS TWAT' for you. Go ahead: Take it; that's right, it's just for you! So take it and shove it up your ass there real good! :)

Cause jeeze man, what am I supposed to be? A fucking robot? I make games for a living, we care if people like what we do. We are not perfect, our games are not perfect (even the ones that score 10/10) and it sucks when people don't love our stuff as much as we had hoped. Why is that such a sign of weakness to some of you pricks? I swear I don't know. But either way, I can live with you asshats if you can live with me.

But onto the topic on my mind...and yes, it still has to do with reviews of small games. Not my own, just the idea in general:

Do you guys think every game needs to be:

a- reviewed on if it achieved its purpose and intent and provides what it sets out to do? Assuming what it sets out to do is at least semi-noble in some way (and hell, even then)? I mean, I love DUMB AND DUMBER and I love GOODFELLAS. Only a fool would say D&D is the 'better' movie...but when I want to laugh and cut loose and watch stupid shit, D&D is towards the top of the list. So do I rate that movie lower than GOODFELLAS or do I rate it amongst other movies like D&D (i.e. Something About Mary, for example).

b- Reviewed as a game, no matter the intent, or cost to the consumer? I think a good case can be made that games are games and they could all be lumped together as fun can be found anywhere, no matter the cost to the player or cost to the dev team/publisher. Uno to me on XBLA is more fun than 80% of the retail disc based games I've purchased this year.

This is what I wonder...I can see the point of both sides and I just don't know.

Someone else posted on the blog that they could get a 5 dollar bargin bin game that USED To be 60 bucks with more content than 99% of the XBLA/PSN titles so why should a game like CAC be 10 bucks? It's a good question I guess. I mean, by that logic tho, is the XBLA/PSN biz model broken? One guy a long time ago posted that it should be like arcades or porn token sites where you buy tokens and don't buy the games but just plunk in 25-50 cent tokens to get a single play. Maybe that would go down easier for some folks. I could support that model as a player.

Anyway, gotta go. Chat with you guys later.