Monday, March 31, 2008

Hey! Guess who is still sick!

Still. Sick. But feeling better. I took Nyquil at 4am to help me sleep and now I am groggy as shit. Trying to focus on the work I have in front of me today but it prob. ain't gonna happen for another hour or so, till this stuff wears off.

Someone - in the comments section a few posts back-commented that it seemed I was always sick. I have two things to say to that:

a- I have two little muppets running around this house and they bring home all kinds of shit from playdates and pre-school. I always heard this was the case with kids but my God, it really is amazing how often we get sick in this house these days. I am sick with colds about 3 times a year now vs. the MAYBE 1 time a year I used to get sick before I had tykes. Ah well, wouldn't trade it. But it sucks! This is probably the longest lasting cold I've ever had.

b-I used to go to Steve Gerber's blog. He's was the comic book writer who created Howard the Duck as well as the kick ass Thundarr the Barbarian Saturday morning cartoon from the 80's. Well in his posts, he was ALWAYS going on and on about how sick he was with this illness and that. And I kept thinking: dude, you are always so fucking sick. Get outside, get some exercise, get a new positive outlook on life (seemed he suffered from depression too, from what I could gather from his posts). Now telling a person to do these things and them doing them are totally different things, I know. But man, I hate that people would come to this blog and think 'oh Jaffe's this sick guy'....isn't that stupid that I would think that? Who knows man, the inner workings of my mind :) Oh and so, sadly, Steve Gerber died a few months back. So- clearly- the man was very, very sick and now I feel like a total idiot for even thinking it was something he could just solve by picking himself up and going for a walk in the sunshine. What a dolt I can be at times...

Ok, gonna try to focus thru the haze. Later ya'll!


ps. Took my oldest daughter to Legoland this past Saturday for the opening of their new area: Adventureland! It also coincided with INDIANA JONES DAY! Man, Indy is everywhere! I love it! Check the pix:

Indy made of Legos!

Lots of folks dressed up as Indy and the cast. Not just regular folks, but 'pro' Indy cosplayers from something called INDYFANS. Check out the Marion! She looks pretty accurate! Now all she needs is a frying pan!

The new baddie from Indy 4. Amazing what fans can do with pretty much 2-3 images on the net. Costume wise, she looks just like the Cate Blanchette character!

Lots of Indy Jones' roaming the park! There were even little kids- like 5 years old- wearing Last Crusade t-shirts! I love that younger gens get to know who Indy is. Hell, after watching the newest tv trailer 5 times yesterday, both my kids (2 and 4) are singing the theme song as they roam the house :) I so proud!

The Indyfans have a myspace page where they are promoting a doc they are making on Indy Jones fandom. This is a poster they were giving away. Here's a link to the site: INDYFANS!

The new area of Legoland: Adventureland! The big new ride is this sort of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride meets a light gun shooting gallery. Love the concept (never rode Buzz Lightyear) but the execution is ultra lacking. I mean, Legoland is a B level theme park when you compare it to, say, Disneyworld. So I was not expecting all that much. But even so, considering most of the rides at Legoland are still pretty good, this new ride ranks as a total disappointment. But I love the theme, so I still had fun!

Here's us in our IN CAR/JEEP POV, about to go into the tomb!

Here's a crappy phone pic of the interior of the ride. Lots of the interactive shooting gallery parts did not auto reset so you never really knew what you could shoot. The lighting of the ride was terrible so there was no drama. And the cars went too fast for you to really get to focus on shooting anything. But again, it was cool.

Ok, gotta run! Later ya'll!