Friday, August 24, 2012


I grew up LOVING Marvel heroes and I still love them till this day. I still read comics (not as voraciously as I used to, but I go on binges a few times a year at least),I play the Marvel games, and hit all of the Marvel movies. I love DC as well- plus some of the indie characters- but Marvel holds the biggest, warmest place in my heart.

My kids are growing up LOVING Disney Channel and its really, really good  programming. When my girls were younger they started with Disney Junior (the great Mickey Mouse ClubHouse and the like) but Disney Junior always had to compete with Nick Junior (and the fantastic Blue's Clues and Caillou). But since the kids have gotten older and moved on to that 'not a preschooler, not yet a tween' phase, the satellite dish has been 99% aimed at Disney Channel proper*. From the always sharp and funny Good Luck Charlie and Jessie to new stuff like the great Gravity Falls to the surprisingly entertaining and genuinely good original movies like LET IT SHINE and LEMONADE MOUTH, Disney Channel seems to only be rivaled by HBO and AMC when it comes to consistently having the best programming on television.

Phineas & Ferb rank as one of the best shows on Disney Channel- it's like their Sopranos or Mad Men. It's so damn funny and so, so clever. And the songs are really catchy too. Hell, forget Disney Channel: Phineas & Ferb is probably one of the top 10 TV shows at the moment across all the channels.

So imagine my delight to have seen the image above this morning!** The episode won't air till 2013 but damn, if this isn't the coolest mash up since the Punisher stormed Riverdale***, I don't know what is!

Very, very excited! :)


* I actually think the dish aims to a satellite owned by DirectTV and based on what I pay for, they decide what aspects/part of the signal I receive, right? But you get the point :).

** Love HERO COMPLEX. Sad to see that the great Geoff Boucher may be leaving :(. But I'm sure he will be on to bigger and better things. Also really dig Nikki Finke's site (although I don't know if I'd dig it so much if I worked in that industry and she covered me/ idea about that end...she seems equally loved and hated). So I was bummed to see this. Man, I hate when mommy and daddy fite :(...

***Except maybe the time KISS stormed Riverdale. That was pretty cool too. The hell is it about Archie and his buddies that always have them cross pollinating w/the coolest media properties?!?!