Sunday, May 30, 2010


I need to go to bed.

But first:

1. the EATSLEEPPLAY forum is now open! Please visit our newly birthed community to get to know members of the team (who never get enough press, credit, or face time), chat about some of the great games the team has made over the years, talk about our new game (when the time is right), and just shoot the shit with fellow game lovers. Here's a link so ya got no excuse! :)

2. SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2 STAR REPORT: 10 stars including a mystery star. Loving it so far, just started 2 days ago. Grabbing a bit of play here and there and I think it rocks.

3. SPLIT/SECOND- Playing this too- LOVING it.

4. NO MORE PAPER?- Have not bought a physical magazine or read a physical newspaper since my iPad arrived in the mail. Have also read two books in the same amount of time. Amazing device- I love it!

Ok, what a shitty blog post. I know, I know. But I'm fried. Going to bed- talk soon!