Thursday, October 30, 2008

To the fucking idiot Kotaku commenters who clearly can not read:

...seems some of the commenters over on Kotaku- who just ran a story about how I said FUCK OFF to someone asking about a PS3 version of Twisted Metal- thought I was a dick in speaking to folks that way.

Let me make three things clear. Or at least try to. I will be using TEXT (aka WORDS) to make my points and it's obvious many of you Kotaku commenters seem to have a hard time grasping this new fangled communication device but I will do my here goes:

#1- if you actually read Kotaku you would see- in referring to my FUCK OFF comment- they said this:

"When one typed question asked Jaffe "Are you developing Twisted Metal for PS3 David — YES OR NO", the Twisted Metal light heartily replied:

We haven't announced anything yet... now FUCK OFF

See those words LIGHT HEARTILY...? Do they MEAN anything to you?

#2- If you click on the link from the Kotaku site (that covers the Eurogamer story about this event) you will find this text:

"Relaying a question from a member of the audience, festival director Iain Simons typed: "Are you developing Twisted Metal for PS3 David - YES OR NO."

Jaffe responded with a stock "We haven't announced anything yet," before adding, "now F*** OFF."

The audience took the comment in the good humour it was intended, and the session was drawn to an appropriate close

#3- And finally: While I am brash and obnoxious at times (mainly because I find the ultra PC environment we live in toxic to the spirits of all humans and thus feel this ultra PC environment needs to have its teeth kicked in from time to time...oh hell, all the fucking time), I have never and WILL never insult ANY ONE who goes out of their way to take interest in our work and ask me a question (unless they are being a prick to me). I mean, here is a guy who got off his ass and went to a place that I was not even really there, I was VIRTUALLY there. You think I'm really going to be a dick to him?!? And I will CERTAINLY NEVER insult ANYONE who cares enough about a game series we have worked on (in this case, Twisted Metal) to ask a question about said series. We are all grateful the series has fans who care enough to ask us over and over what the future holds for Sweet Tooth and the gang. And as I've said before, I am contractually bound by Sony to NOT announce our new game. That is Sony's job and Sony will announce when they are ready. I would LOVE to tell you guys what we are doing but I'm not going to jeopardize our company's contract and/or reputation and so I remain mum on the whole thing. I am sure you understand.

Ok, hope that clears up some stuff.

Back tomorrow with a fresh video blog.

Talk then! Hope you are all doing well!