Tuesday, July 10, 2007


So I just found out that the new E3 badges have pictures of the attendees on them. Which means my original plan to use my boss' badge to get into the main show area of E3 is shot to hell. And no, I did NOT get an invite, thanks for asking. After hitting all of the E3's in the past, I guess I will be sitting this one out. Since I am not showing any games this year, I won't be on the show floor to do the dog and pony stuff so Sony could not get me a badge.

Fuck man, now I gotta go to LA anyway for E3 meetings and Sony stuff, but I can't get into the main event.

Sucks to be me.

Ah well, looks like I'll be hitting refresh like the rest of ya'll to see the big news. Well fuck them, I didn't want to go to their stupid ass show anyway :)

Actually, I kinda did.



ps. Now I know how Jason Rubin felt when he could not get into the Sony party but Tara Reid did. Well I mean now I know how Rubin feels if you take away the millions of dollars, super fast sports cars, and model good looks. But besides those things, I feel just like him!