Thursday, October 19, 2006


We announced our new game today: Criminal Crackdown for Sony Downloadable Games Service. I am SO SO SO excited about this game; I am having such fun working on it and it's just great to be able to finally show it off a bit.

People have seemed surprised that I've gone from working on these big epics to making these smaller games but I have to tell you, I am so proud of this game and what this game has the potential to become. It's not going to change the world but I really think it has a good shot at being pure fun. Fun in the way that the original NBA JAM was fun, fun like BOMBERMAN, fun like the first few games in the NFL BLITZ series. Will we be as great as those classics? Man,I wish. BUT that is what we are striving for. Wish us luck!

So here's a link to a clip that explains the game pretty well...It was a shot for me to pitch the title to Sony execs at Tokyo Game Show. I didn't make it and my boss' boss had the idea for me to do this. And me, always looking to be a ham, jumped at the chance to make an ass of myself!

Pleaseforgive the grain, but the actual game runs 1080p at 60fps...the final game is very nice looking....and I have to say, this video- because of the resolution- just doesn't do it justice!

Goodnight ya'll!



Anonymous said...

hey dave!
it's been a while! hope you are doing fine!

the very best of luck to you and the entire team with the game and the kinda new direction you are going there in general...

Anonymous said...

So great to see you're posting again!

The new game looks great! A cell shaded version of Cool World meets Tom and Jerry meets Burnout..I like it!

So are you not doing anything for the PSP now?


Anonymous said...

Dave! You're back!
Awesome...the new game looks cool. Matchbox cars and guns...on point. Do you have pricing info yet? Also, what happened with HL?

Arnaldo Licea said...

Yo Dave, what's up?

Criminal Crackdown looks like a ton of fun! Its not the reason I'm getting a PS3 but its a very cool little piece of it (like Geometry Wars to Xbox 360).

Nice to see you back.

Grayman said...

Hey David,

The game looks like a lot of fun. I probably won't own a PS3 until spring or summer but I think i'll be getting this game right away when I have one.

Are you able to write about the number of cars and envrinments or how the physics are?

Physics are a big thing for me in my car games. CC looks fun, I saw what looked like a little hopping over the sidewalk curbs and also some slight drifting on one wide and fast turn. I think i'll enjoy it a lot.

Have a good one and keep up the good work.

GS3 said...

Hey Dave...

Nice to see you've got a new blog up and running. Looking forward to reading more stuff from you...

...and playing your kick-ass games, of course.

Talk soon.

ArchMagnus said... post never appeared. Well no Matter, welcome back to the World of Blogging David! We missed ya! Criminal Crackdown looks fun as hell.

Almost an Animated Twisted Metal blended with those great party games people love like Fuzion Frenzy and Some of the Mario Party or Super Monkey Ball mini-games.

Can't wait~

Anonymous said...



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