Friday, November 10, 2006


EDIT: Oh COOL! I just signed into the Playstation Network for the first time so Adam and I could go online with CALLING ALL CARS! and do multiplayer on ps3 (we've been doing net games on PC for awhile). So ANYWAY, since I'm one of the first people IN THE WORLD to sign up, I got my pick of ANY FUCKING user name I want! No more of this SPIDERMAN432 or INDIANAJONES324! Fuck that! Bad news is, before I realized it, I entered sweettooth....which is ok, but I want INDIANAJONES!!! Now I just gotta figure out how to change it before I am stuck with sweettooth...which I would not mind, but hey, I got all the choices in the world!!!

Swamped at work these days, not much time to post.

So some quick, quick hits:

DEMS WIN: Thank God, man! That's all I have to say. I'm no Democrat but hell, it's time for change in this country (and the world) and so sweet to see alot of the corrupt neocon Republicans get the boot. And no more Rumsfeld! Sweet! I'd like to see the Dems keep both houses and then get a smart pres in for 08...I'd go for Mcain or Obama at this point. Anyway...sweet!

RUMSFELD: I have NO issues LOOKING INTO impeaching Bush and no issues LOOKING INTO bringing Rumsfeld up on charges for some of how he ran the war (and Abu Ghraib)...but there is something odd and just wrong- to me- about GERMANY bringing Rumsfeld up on charges...To very badly paraphrase Bill Maher: he may very well be a criminal but he's OUR criminal...let us deal with him.

XMAS MUSIC: I know, I know it's November 10th but hell, I just can't stop listening to it. I went to get my wife some stuff at BATH AND BODY WORKS the other day and the store was already decked out and blasting the Xmas tunes and hell, I went and caught the fever. Walk into my office these days and there's a 95% chance I'll be listening to this:

GEARS OF WAR: Have not gone online yet (I hear online is where it's at)...but the first 15 minutes of the single player I was like: meh...what's the big deal? But then something happened, but now I LOVE it. At first I was like: eh, it's a souped up, sweet looking Kill.Switch. But then- after they got the training out of the way- it really takes off! It really is a blast and a testament to the idea of how great it is- in a game design- where you drill down to one core idea and make that one core idea better than anyone else ever has. Amazing game and again, I have not even tried multi-player!

OLD TOWN SAN DIEGO- Anyone been? Taking my wife tomorrow on our weekly date and I was wondering what to see, where to eat, etc...or is it just too toursity to bother?

CONCEPT ART- Hey, here's some more sweet John Wu concept art from CALLING ALL CARS! I love this stuff! Check it out:


Ok, I know Borat is in line to be almost as over quoted as Napoleon Dynamite and Austin Powers but hell...I can't help it. I've loved him since the HBO show...

Anyone, gotta go. Got a new build of the game coming and we gotta get to playing!

Have a great weekend ya'll!

See ya!



GS3 said...

Hey Dave,

Gene here. If you're going to Old Town, one of the best places to eat is the Old Town Mexican Cafe: Terrific food, great Margharitas!

Although it sounds strange, there's also a nice Sushi place called Harney Sushi...hip vibe, DJ spinning certain nights of the week, and they do specialy rolls like the Flaming Lip (I think a Spicy Tuna roll with a Jalepeno on top!) Good stuff!

Anyway...hope this helps. Have fun.


Anonymous said...

That concept art looks awesome, especially that boxing glove one, hilarious. I can't wait to play the game. It looks real fun and addictive. Hope everything goes well, take care.

P.S. Sorry if this has already been announced but is Calling All Cars going to be out by launch?

Anonymous said...

Nice job Dave,

Anonymous said...

Yes, Gears of War is an excellent game.

When are we going to see more of Calling All Cars! ?


Anonymous said...

Please keep posting the concept art. I love it. Can you do a book of it?

Anonymous said...

So when I get my PS3, how can I add you to my friends list?

PlayStation Museum said...

Training in Gears of War? Bah. I really dislike it when games force you to do training. They usually lose my attention and I never pick up the game again. Training should always be optional.

Dave, the concept art is great! Keep posting them. From what I'm reading, you might not be able to switch your name. This will be interesting.

Go Dems! (And I used to be Republican)


Michael said...

The maker of GoW enjoys GoW.

Gears and Gods sounds like an awesome name for something awesome, too.

About the Dems, I consider myself a Liberal Republican, and I'm still happy there's going to be change. DC seems like a far off, mystical land.

I know someone who wouldn't give us bullshit.

Jaffe '08

ahaha, no, I wouldn't wish Presidency on my worst enemy.

Dan said...

Nice work, I need to get one of those online playing systems sooner or later......Do you read any of your previous comments. This is Danny (from MBHS)!!!!!! Have fun making new games. Talk later.


Zodiak said...

I hate when people put like 7,000 numbers in front of a username. ><

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, when are you going to post the Design Document?

David Jaffe said...



Nice to hear from you! I saw your post on the last blog right as it went down and wondered about you.

How are you?!? What are you doing these days?

Do you have a private email we could use to chat that way?

Lemme glad to hear from you after all these years!


ps. arnoldo...I may post the design doc in the next few weeks...I'm trying to decide if it makes more sense for the game to be out first....will let you know.

Dan said...


You can email me at aume94 at gmail dot com. That actually stands for Auburn University, Mechanical Engineering, 1994 (the year I graduated college).


Anonymous said...

Cool, because I'd like to study it and see how you guys make the design document.


PlayStation Museum said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
weezie said...

Old Town isn't quite the place it used to be, but you can't go wrong with La Pinata which is on the edge of Old Town. Great carnitas and awesome pinatas for sale! Guadalajara is right down the street from La Pinata and also has great food. IMHO, Old Town Mexican Cafe is overrated.

Anonymous said...



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