Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Hey is the case these days, been swamped.

Just wanted to say: HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING!

Enjoy all the great things you have...I know I will!

And WHATEVER systems you've got, find a great game and dig in. One of the great pleasures of Thanksgiving is all the great games that hit the weeks/days prior to the long weekend.

In the past, my Thanksgiving games have been:

Diddy Kong Racing
Bajoo Kazooie

Now it's all about me deciding if I am gonna try to finish GEARS OF WAR or jump into OKAMI, FF, or BULLY!

Gotta run, be safe, have fun, and I'll chat with you guys after the break (i.e. start of next week)!



PlayStation Museum said...

From the PlayStation Museum, Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I'm looking forward to eating turkey and relaxing in front of the TV. But I'll be spending most of my long weekend updating the site and writing out Christmas cards. Expect a card from us David.

-David O., PlayStation Museum

da criminal said...

Would love a card...and when I get time I gotta send you some cool stuff I got....just been swamped!



Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving David! Don't eat yourself into a coma.


Dan said...

Have a great long weekend. Be safe with family and friends.

Danny (

Anonymous said...

Hey David,

Hope you and the Family have a fun and Happy Thanksgiving! I’m still deciding between picking up FF or OKAMI myself. Let us know if you get a chance to see any movies. If you can I would recommend either The Prestige or the new Bond film. Personally I’ve never been a fan of Bond, but after seeing this latest one I will be adding 007 to my friends list.

Have Fun,


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, David.

Play Okami! Gears of War is great fun, but it's not the masterpiece that is Okami.

After 85 hours of gameplay, I've even tattooed Amaterasu to my calf! :)

See it here:

or here:

Anonymous said...


Happy Thanksgiving to you my friend.

I know you're very busy so I hope you get some quality turkey and family time with the wife and kids.

There really is no better way to burn off that L-Tryptophan than with a controller in your hand. For me its Gears of War and Lego Star Wars II. I'm thankful for my 52" TV that will let me play videogames AND watch football splitscreen (by the way Dave, that Kratos statue sits in a glass case above my TV and is still one of my favorite things in the world!).

One of my Thanksgiving wishes is that Cory continues to carry the GOW torch to success.

Can't wait to see more stuff on "Cars".


Zodiak said...

Dave, have a great turkey day. I'm going through Zelda for the Wii at the moment and so far, a spectacular game. So thanks Dave for making the games for us gamers, we are all thankful for that. =)


PS: Yay for Tryptophan high!!

Anonymous said...

go for okami. its too damned original to pass up. bully, although cool, is pretty gta-like. which is great, but if your like me, you want something fresh.

gears of war really interests me because of the multiplayer coop. you really need to make a game that utilizes this. can you imagine kratos and some equally as bad-ass guy kicking ass together? the potential makes my brain explode!

p.s. take your time and make sure calling all cars is perfect before you release. not that you dont already know that, im just saying..

:p have a good thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Well all okami is zelda but with a wolf with really arty graphics and japanise themes and it does it all really well.

Anyways happy thanks giving.

Anonymous said...

Hey David, I haven't spoken to you in awhile (I interviewed you a couple ofyears ago, the dude from Mountain Brook). Hope you had a great holiday!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dave. Just thought you should know your Wikipedia entry has been hijacked.

"After creating one successful game, many claim that Jaffe became arrogant. Many people refused to work with him and he was removed as director from God of War 2. After the PSP game he was directing fell apart he is now relegated to producing five dollar downloadable games for PS3's online service."

PlayStation Museum said...

Why are some ppl a--holes with regards to the wikipedia entry? IMHO, David Jaffe is one of the greatest game designers of all time.

Dave, if I send a card to your attention at SCEA, will you recieve it? I have an address which I think is your home address, but for obvious reasons it shouldn't be publicized. Thank you and I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

David O.
The PlayStation Museum

Tapion440 said...

Jaffe is a really good game director. To say that the guy has only made one successful title is moronic but to me it's just too extreme to call him one of the greats (calling him a favorite is fine I guess). Cause one of the only differences between Jaffe and some lesser known directors, who have also made some great games, is the fact that Jaffe has ideas about the games and the industry and he's very outspoken with those ideas (plus he kinda looks like Bus Driver Bob from Doodlebops).

Of-course this is just my opinion. Who knows, maybe in 15 years Jaffe will be the Miyamoto of Sony.

PlayStation Museum said...

tapion, Jaffe is definitely in the top 5, if not top 3, PlayStation developers. And that's my opinion. It's all subjective.

He has been involved with numerous hits. Most likely any game you pick up that he was involved with was a hit. That's why it's a safe bet that Criminal Crackdown will be fun.