Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ah One...Ah Two...Ah Three...CRUNCH!....Ah Three!

Ok, quick update but I had to share.

I am sitting in the Arizona airport right now waiting for a connecting flight back to San Diego. Dad is doing great and I've headed back home. But thank you again for all the great well wishes. I really appreciate it.

So I'm in the gift shop, grabbing a magazine (Discover), a book (Digging For The Truth...some book on Archaeology from a guy who has a show- which I've never heard of- on The History Channel), and a tube of cherry flavored Mentos. And I get up to the check out counter and what do I see? Man, here's what I see:

For me, this is one of those OOOOOHHHHH! I WISH I WOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT! moments! How COOL and NASTY and SWEET and GROSS is this?!?! Have any of you tried these? They seem pretty popular given how few there are left in the box there. I'm thinking I should go back and get one...not sure what I'd do with it...freak out my kids when they get older maybe? Shoot...I think I may have to go get one!

And it's the REAL deal, folks. At least I think it is. Cheaply produced candy could not get a fake bug that looks that real in there...I mean, it looks totally real. That would be expensive to reproduce. PLUS I checked the nutrition label and there it is, right after sugar (the #1 ingredient)...right on the wrapping it says: Sugar, SCORPION, Flavor #4,etc...


So that's a nice surprise....I love stuff like that.

Ok, gonna go call my wife then surf the net till my plane boards.

See ya!


ps. So I sat next to some kids on the way out from Bham. We got to talking and they learnt what I did and thought it was all cool and stuff. I told them I would send them a few Playstation 2 games for free and they got all excited. I gave them the number and told them to have their parents call and ask for me. But now I'm freaked out a bit cause the world in which we live, I could see the parents calling me and being all like: what the hell are you doing talking to my kids!?!?! Man, I was just trying to spread some holiday cheer! I dunno what is worse. The fact that we live in a world where people are so suspicious of kind acts or the fact that we live in a world where- at least sometimes- it makes good sense to be suspicious of kind acts! Can't win! Ah well! Ok, see ya'll!


PlayStation Museum said...

Instead of sending the kids PS2 games, send them a scorpion. You're no Michael Jackson...I hope their parents realize that. Anyhow, that scorpion HAS TO be fake..right? I mean, can you really eat a scorpion? Isn't there some poison in the stinger? (The stinger is removed probably) But still, that's fear factor crap there.

Tapion440 said...

I had one of those suckers when I visited D.C. a few years ago except there was sometype of cricket/bug in mine. The gross thing about those suckers is that after awhile, when they start getting smaller, you can start to feel the insect's texture on your tongue. Yes, I did bite the thing in half...Yes, they are real.

*clears throat*

"Hi kids! Do you enjoy video games? Do you want some free video games?"

Anyways, it's not like you asked the kids to come out to your van for candy or whatever. You handled your generosity appropriately by having their parents call. On the other hand, if someone promised my neice free video games in a public location, the little common sense that I have would have gone out the window as I looked for the person who's ass is about to get kicked.

*didn't touch GH2 for a week and now gets a cramp in his hand everytime he tries to finish Thunderhorse on hard*

- tapion440

Anonymous said...

Free PS2 games!!! I wish I was on that plane, lol. I think the parents will understand, all the kids have to say is "FREE" and their parents' eyes will light up, CA-CHING!

Anonymous said...

You might not want to freely give your number to those kids, you don't know whether the parents themselves are trustworthy, it's a different world we live in nowadays, people can no longer leave their doors unlocked. You have a wife and child, their safety comes first.

And the best wishes to your family, merry christmas and happy holidays.

David Jaffe said...

kitt-I gave the Sony number. You call THAT number and they will- if it is all Kosher- connect people to my office. Yeah, I would NEVER give out the personal stuff...but thanx for the heads up!


Shane said...

Hey, Mr. J. I'm really impressed with what you offered to do for those kids. It was really nice of you. If the parents have a problem with it, it's *their* problem and their loss mate.

I reckon you're a good bloke. Keep it up, hey.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Jaffe,how was your experance with Stan Lee.

Anonymous said...

A scorpion in candy that's bizzare but cool at the same time. That's nice of you Dave to give those kids a break.

Out of all the game developers sites out there I visit this site the one the most.

Anonymous said...

Santa Jaffe, can I have some free PS2 games too? :)

Just kidding. That's rad. Their parents will understand. It's a very nice, sweet gesture.

Happy Holidays, man.

Dan said...

In todays world, that is NOT surprising. if they (parents or kdis) have ever heard of you or or name, they might have called.

I am glad your father is doing better. I thought about him a lot recently, especially being Chanukah and all.

Merry Xmas, Happy Chanukah, and Happy New Years.


Anonymous said...

That Scorpion candy is disgusting. I would definitely pick it up as a novelty though.. If you're still looking for a PS3, has them without buying a pricey bundle (wish these had been up when I got my bundle from Gamestop). Link is

PlayStation Museum said...

Dave or anyone else who lives in the Santa Monica area, I'm thinking about applying for a job at Activision in Santa Monica, but I would have to move from NY. Where would be a safe and affordable area to look for a house? I don't want to commute over an hour everyday either. I looked at housing in Santa Monica and it appears fairly expensive. I'd like know if moving is out of the question because the cost of living is much higher there.

Anonymous said...

I would so buy one of those scorpion things.
I'm wondering just how many kids bought them thinking they were just a rubber toy, bit in and the thing crunches between their teeth. Yummy.
All the same, makes Alabama sorta comparable to France or those strange Asian countries that see fried cockroach as a delicacy...
In response to that playstation guy, if you've ever watched FearFactor knows that scorpions (or any bug for that matter) are edible when cleaned thoroughly and/or still alive.

Sooo...did you buy one? Hand 'em round the office to the guys who got CAC running in 1080p as a "reward"! Or, like you said, give them to your kids. Or, carefully extract the scorpion, and hide it in someone's (or your own) food at a restaurant!
The possibilities are endless.

Had any of those kids played any of your games? ...although God of War seems a bit...mature...for what you described as "kids".
I guess you did all you could to tell their parents to call you. I can imagine their faces when a strange, DVD-case shaped package comes through the mailbox addressed to their son/daughter with "Happy Xmas, from Dave" written on it.

Anonymous said...


Lingonmirakel said...

So, did the parents end up calling you?

Matthew Dickinson said...

I wouldn't worry about giving the number out. I think it was a nice gesture.

Anonymous said...