Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Just wanted to say hey, been swamped like crazy as we hit the final days of tuning.

As I am typing this, my 3 year old just came into my office and said: I wanna make video games just like you.

Aaaawwwww! Melts the old man's heart :)

Now she just told me not to make anymore games like GOD OF WAR cause they scare her. She walked in as I was playing thru the GOD OF WAR 2 BETA last month. Bad idea...I shut it off asap but she saw a bit of the Barbarian King battle and has not seemed to forget!

Amazing reviews on that game,eh? Congrats to the team in Santa Monica!

Ok, will post more soon, gotta get back to this final tuning.

Have a great nite ya'll!



Eric said...

That's adorable...but don't let your little girl scare you into helping with GOW3, please :)

Can't wait for the next update and CAC to be released!

Anonymous said...

Keep at it, we're all excited to see and play the final product. Where are the testing results?

Aww that's so cute. Make sure she grows up right, foul mouthed and edgy like you.

Great work Santa Monica guys. 96 on game ranks with the biggest problem being that its too much like the first one, if you can call that a problem.

Devin Greer said...

Eric, you said "DON'T" let it help him into helping for God Of War III? What kind of fan post is that? Maybe you should read over your comments before you post them, eh? Yeah, those were pretty good review for God Of War II. Sounds pretty awesome, your daughter doing that. And although you may not think so, it sounds funny that she walked in on you playing it...

Dustin (Elessar) said...

Lol, kids can be great...thankfully i don't have any of my own yet (i'm 20) but one day...

So 9.7 is the average rating on God of War 2...thats pretty fucking awesome seeing as how everyone has hyped this game, which usually means it will disappoint. I can't wait to get my demo from cory, that'll have to tide me over for a few months until my funds replenish from buying books for this semester. I swear, college does more evil than good!

Congrats to the Santa Monica team and good luck with the final tuning. Must be a great feeling to see a game come together and near completion. Whats more satisfying; seeing/reading good reviews from IGN, GameSpot, etc...or seeing the looks on players' faces when they beat a boss or do a cool move?

Anonymous said...

Hehe, thats adorable. Kids are a wonder.

Cory and the boys and gals did it once again! Awesome reviews. Can't wait to get my hands on it.


Anonymous said...

David, I am really looking forward to CAC and GoW2! I'll have to use a lot of PTO in March. Calling All Cars, GoW2, Motorstorm.

It's great to see how passionate you still are about the games that you make, and it's great to see that CAC is inspired by the games that I grew up with.

Keep fighting the good fight, don't take any shit from anyone, and thanks for your continued honesty in the gaming media.

Anonymous said...

every time I'm on my ps3 I have all intentions of messaging you to play a game, not exactly sure what you've got in your collection - hit me up with a message if you ever feel like playing something, my network name is obvious, ha.

good luck with the CAC tuning - can't wait for some more games to play on the PS3

wtfgrouch said...

It's cool Dave,

I kinda figured you were swamped with the game releasing in March and all... by the way, with GDC coming up in a few weeks is CAC going to be playable at the show?

Can't wait for game!


PlayStation Museum said...

Dave, Don't laugh, but is there any way you can incorporate a Hello Kitty-type character into a game using the God Of War engine? Destroy enemies with hearts and hugs?

Anyhow, we all know what it's like being swamped. Just don't get too busy with work that you miss your daughter growing up.

Eric said...

Ok, Devin, I need an editor. Still I feel that the role Mr. Jaffe played with God of War II may help God of War III evolve...it's his vision, his design, but other input always helps things along, right?

Eric said...

Ok, Devin, I need an editor. Still I feel that the role Mr. Jaffe played with God of War II may help God of War III evolve...it's his vision, his design, but other input always helps things along, right?

Anonymous said...

Kids keep you moving through life and grounded to your morals. If I wasn't a father I might not have survived my 30's. I was too much of a party animal in my youth.

Looking forward to March madness.

Anonymous said...

So what are your thoughts on GOW2? Has it met your vision of what the sequel would do/look like/play like? Are you happy with it?

What are your thoughts about the how the trilogy might end? Or hell, will it "end" at all?

Please tell me you guys are looking at putting GOW 3 on BOTH the PS3 and PS2!


Anonymous said...

Haha. Sweet kid. I'm sure the effects of those 5 seconds of God of War will have repercussions throughout her life - she'll run around school with a mallet and bash in people's heads.

Anyway, GOW2 - amazing reviews. But goddamn them - I read ONE that didn't give the story away. Hell, even the GameTrailers PREVIEW told me way more than I wanted to know.
I'm really looking forward to seeing what GoW3 will look like on the PS3 though.
Does 2 have progressive scan?

Ahh well. I'm replaying 1 at the moment, so that I can get up to date on my "skillz" for the sequel. Which comes out next month, along with 300.
Aww yeah. March is gonna belong to the Spartans.
Lets hope the fights in 300 aren't "tame". But it is only a 15 in the UK, so...

Anonymous said...

i hate to take the opposite side of your daughter here, but dont you dare stop making mature games....

...that would be bad news!

anyways, hang in there... the jobs almost done.... i hope theres enough twisted metal in this game to bring back memories... anyways, i cant wait!

Anonymous said...


I just saw the winners for the alternate costume contest. What the hell?


PlayStation Museum said...

Two words: Hunter Luisi. Anyone know how to get ahold of him? I emailed him a little over a week and didn't get a response. :(

ken zhang said...

awww....that's cute :D

Amazing reviews indeed. If Sony doesn't give you the funding for God of War III, I will put Phil Harrison in a headlock until he says "uncle".

PlayStation Museum said...


Phil will do what's right. He's my man. Although he admitted publicly that he regrets giving approval to Fantastic Four on the PS1.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A plea for the GOW3, please understand the difference between making something challenging and something difficult. Continuity must be the key. Graphics are great. GOW2 did not succeed the original, find out why!

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