Thursday, February 22, 2007


Heading off to LA for a few days for some personal biz (taxes; lawyers;etc). Also, some nice R&R with the wife before the last week of tuning and out last focus group next week.

Sorry updates so sparse as of late; trying to work with Incognito to lock CALLING CALL CARS down and be done!

Will let ya'll know what's up next week!

And check out FLOW AND QBERT! I think they are out today on the Playstation Store!!!

Take it easy ya'll!



Anonymous said...


Neil said...

flOw and Calling All Cars are the two games I've been looking forward to on the PS3. flOw wasn't up when I left for work yet though.

1 down 1 to go.

PlayStation Museum said...

Can't go wrong with Q-Bert and I played the PC (flash?) version of flow. It's definitely addicting so beware.

Off to my preserving efforts...

Anonymous said...

Sweet news David. Calling all Cars is a must buy for me. I've been very impressed with the quality of Sony's downloadable games. Almost all of them have been fun. While the xbox is a great system Microsoft for too long hampered developers with the file size limitation. Games like Gripshift , Lemmings, and, soon, Calling all Cars are worth every penny. Any idea on pricing yet?

Laquer said...

HJey im getting flow tonight hopefully!!!and VF 5 Is it still ok if wqe add you to our PSN?

Anonymous said...

Any idea if/when TM or Tm2 are going to end up on the PS Store to play on the PSP?

Arnaldo Licea said...

flOw is addictive! My god! I had the mentality of just trying it to see what it was but I played it for hours! lol


wtfgrouch said...

I just finished downloading flow. DOn't know if i'll get Q-Bert but i can' t wait for CAC and Super Rub a Dub!


Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...

Any idea if/when TM or Tm2 are going to end up on the PS Store to play on the PSP? "

hey, i'd like to know this as well!

anyways, i have watched a few clips of what flOw is going to play like... and it looks like a lot of fun, looks like it will be good for when you just want to chill and have a good experience.. rather than the white-knuckled heart racing experience i expect to be having with Calling all Cars.

i want both. cant wait for calling all cars.. i cant believe its almost here!!

Eric said...

LA for taxes? Yuck.

Keep at it. What's coming down the pipe after CAC?

Anonymous said...


SweetTooth here, I'm ready to come out of retirement. Gimme a call and i'll round up Calypso and the rest of the homies.

Anonymous said...

The other day I had like 20 of my PS3 friends online and they were all playing It's like warm, blue, ambiant crack.

Doing Taxes sux, I do my own though. Pretty straight forward when you maintain a standard investment and loan plan. Turbo Tax FTW!

ken zhang said...

Jaffe, check out this God of War comic:

ken zhang said...
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Anonymous said...

I just wana say that you are a genius. I come from small contry calld Croatia and I playd the best game ever! God of War. BTW dont tell anywone, i am 12. lol
So, i seed at all, i madet past easy and normal verson, i calleng of the gods i madet 8/10. I seed all the movies and trailers of God of War 2, and I cant waith it. And i have some questions.
Will thay be 3 parts of God of War?
Will it be a movie?
Heh, thats about all. You can ancer me on your blog.

derrickgott007 said...

David, I just wanted to say thank you for showing us a little insight into the developement world. It would be an honor if I could add you to my PS3 Friends list. I also linked to your blog from mine if thats cool.

Anonymous said...


SweetTooth here, I'm ready to come out of retirement. Gimme a call and i'll round up Calypso and the rest of the homies."

NICE! i'd love to see another Twisted Metal.

i think it was the excellent level design that made those games the classics that they are. (1,2,black)

and the sound effects, and weapons.

Anonymous said...

Dave, my man. I saw that you will be featured on AOTS. Please, in the name of all that is good and holy (or not so holy), put those fools in their place. Their constant Sony/PS3 misinformation campaign needs to be laid to rest. I don't know what kind of dildodic device Kevin Pereira has been given by Microsoft, but it's apparently shaken all common sense out of him and replaced it with bias.

Anonymous said...

Hi david, I am a senior at fontana highschool, I first of all wanna say that i love GoW, and i cant wait to get 50 bucks to buy GoW2.

Well i noticed on wikipedia that you were the game designer AND director for GoW. i have always loved video games, and i think yours was freaking epic man. i want to know, is it worth it to get into your career? i mean, i love video games, and it would be a dream to make them as a job. but although videogames are something i love, i also want to know this, does it actually pay off? i mean, can somoene actuallly beocme somewhat ritch from making video games?

im sure that if you can, ure probably one of the damned richest video game designers out there. i just want to know that im not making a big mistake by wasting my time with something that isnt gonna make all my hard work worth something u know. the other major i want is to be a doctor, that is 180,000.00 a year, but i have no real passion for it, besides the money u know, im afraid i might shoot myself from the boredom in jobs like that, so id rather do something i love for a career, with good pay. if u can please contact me. either on myspace or through msn. my msn messnger is , i know u probably are busy and all, but if u can take a little time and message me, it would really mean alot to me since i am really excited to go into that field of stufy. thank you

-hector aka crisco

Anonymous said...

Its kinda sad how you're deciding to deprive yourself of the potential to be a really prolific Game designer. The short little game you made has nothing really innovative or unique about it and reminds me of a game that would be made 10 years ago. Honestly If i have only a small amount of time to play, I'd rather play a multiplayer RTS or in the future Super Smash Brothers Melee.

Anonymous said...

You know... I read back through what I've said and I kinda regret sounding so negative, but I guess I'm just rather frustrated such a good Game Designer has started to make these shallow short games. Maybe my criticism about your new games are spot on, but the fact does remain larger games with a story are just so much better than these other games you're making!! A story helps motivate a player to play for long hours, and yes I know you want to steer away from that, but my question is WHY??? Don't you enjoy long game experiences where you become totally absorbed by the story and the characters? When you have more of a reason to play than just the gameplay it really makes the experience far more enjoyable. But when it comes to whats better than what in Gaming, a lot of it just comes down to personal oppinion, so I suppose this is merely my own oppinion, but there's probably millions of people who agree with me.

Anonymous said...

Correction: "Maybe my criticisms AREN'T spot on"..

Anonymous said...

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